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Innovation is the cornerstone of sustainable growth and prosperity in the blockchain. As a dynamic landscape backed by a strong developer community, BNB Chain has nurtured various types of projects with innovative and disruptive elements that can benefit more users and lower the threshold of people from Web2 to Web3. Innovative projects can be the “Game Changer” to make blockchain technology effectively applied in different aspects, either online or offline.

In this article, we discovered 8 innovative projects on BNB Chain for you. Two dApp Stars, Era7: Game of Truth and Corite are on the list due to positive community feedback and outstanding figures.

Let’s deep dive to know more about the uniqueness of these projects.

1. Era7: Game of Truth: Combining the best of blockchain games and Esports

Here we introduce you to Era7: Game of Truth again. As the most popular blockchain game in BNB Chain right now, Era7 ranked first among all BNB Chain dApp Stars in May. Over the past week (10 to 16 June), the weekly transaction and weekly active users of Era7 surged to 235.1K (+22%) and 43.3K(+73.2%) respectively.

Era7 is a metaverse-style TCG developed on BNB Chain, created by a team of core blockchain technicians and well-known casual game development company members. Era7 has brought the advantages of DeFi and NFT together into a GameFi ecosystem. Based on the play-to-earn gaming model, with more than 1,000 cards in the game plus a 3-minute, fast-paced and competitive battle, you can take part in Era7 easily and be rewarded with tokens.

As a light Esports blockchain game, Era7 combines the best of blockchain games and Esports world to introduce a relatively new concept, EsportFi. Era7 recently announced their Esport tournament Master Battle starts on 23 June.

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2. EX Sports: A NFT-Collectible Protocol That Focuses On Exciting Niche Sports

EX Sports is a digital sports collectibles platform that allows fans worldwide to purchase and trade NFTs of their favorite sports stars.

Another unique feature of EX Sports is that it serves as a platform for smaller niche sports to elevate their brand on a grander stage, generate revenue from an additional stream, and more deeply engage with sports fans worldwide. An example is Sean Garnier, the world freestyle football champion with 5.5 million social media followers who launched his range of collectible NFTs on EX Sports.

EX Sport is open to all athletes from any sport, including amateurs and rookies. Everyone has the opportunity to promote their brand by creating their collectibles.

3. X World Games: The First GameFi to Introduce Anime-Style Fan-Based Innovation

According to DappRadar, X World Games(XWG) ranks second in BNB Chain in terms of WAU.  XWG is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem in which users can create, trade, and collect NFTs while participating in multiplayer games. Members of the decentralized platform can play to earn XWG tokens, which can then be traded for other assets or used to execute in-game functionality.

Players are allowed to create in-game items such as unique avatars, fantasy equipment, and more. All in-game items are tokenized and represented as NFTs that can be traded in a decentralized open marketplace.

XWG is the first GameFi to introduce anime-style fan-based innovation. In February, XWG unveiled their first generation of girl group, “Dream Girls”. The Dream Girls are an idol group of 4 NFT characters, Betty, Catherine, Andal, and Luceo, that will perform on stage in an upcoming virtual reality live show in XWG's metaverse.

4. Web3Auth: Provides a Seamless Onboarding For More Users to Join the Crypto Worlds

Web3Auth is a blockchain infrastructure that lowers the barriers to allow more Web2rs to enter the Web3 world.

Currently, it requires users to take up to 10–15 minutes to onboard onto any application/wallet, and it’s almost every day that you hear stories of lost phrases.

To tackle the problem, Web3Auths streamlines the onboarding of mainstream and crypto-native users in under a minute by providing experiences they're most comfortable with. With support for all social logins, web and mobile native platforms, wallets, and other essential management methods.

With Web3Auth, users can now simply set up Web3 wallets and accounts in dApps easily with the login of their social media accounts like Google, Twitter, GitHub, and any other OAuth providers of their choice. Users can register via a passwordless flow set up in a minute and no longer need to worry about losing their seed phrase.

5. Go+ Security: A Infrastructure That Provides Various API Services to Build  a Safer Environment

Go+ Security, a Web3 ecosystem security infrastructure, provides users with security tools, including token detection, smart contract detection, NFT contract detection, malicious address library, real-time risk warning, and interaction security detection to build a safer web3 environment.

For the malicious address API service, Go+ Security’s library includes black addresses for the risk scenarios that ordinary users may encounter during on-chain transactions or transfers and protects the on-chain security of ordinary users through early warning or blocking. Currently, the cumulative number of black addresses has exceeded 50,000, supporting many public chains.

In Go+ Security, users form a real-time updated database. An automated dynamic security engine monitors the actual and simulated on-chain environments in all dimensions and achieves multi-category security risk coverage through various security algorithm strategies.

Go+ Security recently launched smart contract and NFT contract detection API services, which help judge NFT authenticity, information, and transaction data effectively.

6. Corite: A Disruptive Music Crowdfunding and Fan Interaction Platform on BNB Chain

Another familiar face! As one of the dApp Stars in May, the music crowdfunding and fan interaction platform have been picked up again as BNB Chain project stars in June.

Corite is a crowdfunding and fan interaction platform that allows users to support their favorite musicians while sharing their successes. The central feature of the platform is fan campaigns, which would enable users to get a piece of the streaming revenue generated by a song. The artist benefits by raising funds upfront to promote their material, and fans benefit when artists meet or exceed their streaming goals.

According to figures provided by Corite, their userbase surged 300% since crypto payments were introduced, while over 80 fan campaigns were launched for artists. The most notable of Corite’s recent fan campaigns is Alan Walker's “Unity” fan campaign, which generated $25,000 worth of funding from over 3000 backers. “Unity” was released on Spotify and all major streaming platforms on June 3rd and has already been streamed over 2 million times, representing 32% of the five-year streaming goal of 6.3 million.

According to the BNB Chain’s AMA with Corite, Corite’s CEO Matthias Tengblad revealed that Corite would also add elements like NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to enhance fans' ownership in music. “You can stake your song shares and pimp the NFTs. You can make your NFT cooler by putting more song shares into your NFT. You can create your little portfolio of songs in your NFT. You will find great songs with much potential if you're good enough as a backer. That NFTs could then be traded among each other.”

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7. Wombat: An Innovative And Stable Stableswap on BNB Chain

Wombat is a multi-chain stableswap native to the BNB Chain. It re-engineered the stableswap experience through its innovative algorithm design, enabling lower slippage and greater capital efficiency. Stability is one of Wombat Exchange’s main characteristics, which kept it immovably secure through the recent black swan event.

Wombat is the first protocol to bring the ‘equilibrium coverage ratio’ concept to maintain overall system health and protect its users’ funds. With this method, Wombat can spot and manage risks before tragedies strike.

Wombat Exchange has also pushed forward in various aspects of an AMM platform. Minimizing slippage, maximizing capital efficiency, and laying the groundwork for being a multichain stableswap attracted many traders, enticing more liquidity providers due to the platform's trade volume.

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8. Tranchess: Yield-Enhancing Asset Tracker Protocol With Various Risk-Return Solutions

Tranchess is a yield-enhancing asset tracker protocol with various risk-return solutions. The concept of Tranchess was first incepted in early 2020 and was developed quickly into its current state. Inspired by tranche funds’ ability to satisfy users’ varying risk appetites, Tranchess aims to provide a different risk/return matrix out of a single main fund that tracks specific underlying assets or a basket of crypto assets.

Tranchess’ ecosystem constitutes four different tokens: QUEEN, BISHOP, ROOK, and CHESS, which generate different yield returns for users when users deposit crypto assets (e.g. BNB, BTC) in Tranchess. If you wish to know more about the utility of these four tokens, please click here.

Tranchess has recently unveiled its V2 update, incorporating Stable AMM pools and UI and UX enhancements. According to Tranchess, after the update, Tranches V2 allows users to:

  • Enjoy earning market-leading yield on stablecoins via Tranchess liquidity pool
  • Instantly swap between funds to get leverage, spot, and hedged exposure
  • Earn boosted rebates via locked $CHESS, the governance token of Tranchess