bsc v1.1.0 is out and many validator nodes on bsc mainnet have upgraded to this new version. If you are running a fullnode on Binance Smart chain mainnet or testnet, it's recommended to upgrade to this version.

Release note

This is a beta release that merges with go-ethereum v1.10.3.

Change list

  • Snapshot

Snapshot feature is enabled by default, you can disable it via --snapshot=false.

  • Snap sync

You can manually enable snap sync via --syncmode=snap. Note: usually it will need one or two weeks until there is enough client upgrade to the version with snap enabled, you may use snap sync after that.

  • Offline pruning

To prune your database, please run geth snapshot prune-state.

  • Database changes
  • Geth command changes
  • RPC changes



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