Stader is building key staking middleware infrastructure for multiple PoS networks that will power the above staking-related opportunities while solving key challenges.

In the short term, Stader is building native staking smart contracts across multiple chains including BNB Chain, Solana, Terra among others, and building an economic ecosystem to grow and develop solutions like YFI-style farming with rewards, launchpads, gaming with rewards, liquid staking solutions, and more.

In the long term, Stader is focused on unlocking the platform approach and nurturing third parties to develop several staking-related applications on top of Stader infrastructure.

Now, to educate more BNB Chain users on Stader, we are thrilled to announce the “Stader AMA Campaign”, AMA sessions in all of our 15 communities.

Join events below to win a share of the $5000 prize pool, combine business with pleasure, and don't miss this campaign!

1st Event:

Follow BNB Chain and Stader on Twitter to win a share of the $1500 prize pool!

Step 1: Follow BNB Chain and Stader on Twitter;

Step 2: Subscribe BNB Chain’s main TG channel, BNB Chain announcement channel and Stader’s channel;

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Step 4: Make a retweet, tag 2 friends;

Step 5: Fill the gleam here.

2nd Event:

Join our AMAs with Stader in all of our 15 communities and get a chance to win Ledger Nano X 15 winners!

Step 1: Enter BNB Chain’s and Stader’s TG channels;

Step 2: Join the regional community you belong to;

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Step 4: Fill out the quiz form after each AMA and win your Ledger Nano x!

Here is the event agenda with all of our community links:
First day (3rd of Aug):

Global community: 1 PM UTC,
Indian community: 3 PM UTC,
African community: 6 PM UTC,

Second day (4th of Aug):

French community: 9 AM UTC,

Turkish community: 11 AM UTC,

Kazakhstan community: 1 PM UTC,

Ukrainian community: 3 PM UTC,

Portuguese community: 7PM UTC,

Spanish community: 7 PM UTC,

Third day (5th of Aug):

Italian community: 5 PM UTC,

Arabic community: 3:30 PM UTC+4,

Vietnamese community: 8:30 PM UTC+7,

Filipino community: 8:30 PM UTC+8,

Chinese community: 8:30 PM UTC+8,

Indonesian community: 9:30 PM UTC+8,

3rd Event:

Invite your friends to BNB Chain’s regional communities to share a $500 prize pool!

Step 1: Join BNB Chain’s regional community TG channel. You can join the regional community you belong to;

Step 2: Invite at least 2 friends to your regional community;

Step 3: Fill out the form here.

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