The BNB Chain Builder Grant program is dedicated to providing Web3 projects with tangible support to help them reach the next level of their development. We are dedicating a regular investment of up to $500,000 every month for projects exhibiting exciting potential.

This initiative opens the door to innovative projects and teams building on, or looking to migrate to, BNB Chain – the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users in Web3. Read about our October winners.

We accept BNB Chain Builder Grant applications every month from the 1st to the 7th. Applications not chosen are eligible for reconsideration.

November Grant Winners

Two dApps stole the show this month with their innovative products and ability to garner community interest and excitement. As a result of the impressive progress they have made, BNB Chain has committed to offering financial support to both Owl Protocol and Blockvision.

Let’s get into the projects and the excitement around them:

Owl Protocol

Owl Protocol is creating open-source smart contract primitives, SDKs, APIs, and a no-code UI that will allow any artist, creator, or developer to create amazing new utilities for Dynamic NFTs. Their goal is to create tools that make Dynamic NFTs (dNFT) accessible to everyone, and on any blockchain, while still respecting existing standards and ensuring everything remains decentralized, so NFT holders always own their data.

Owl Protocol is the same team that built the Top 25 Chainlink oracle operator Vulcan Link, so we are looking forward to helping them expand their platform, Web3 infrastructure, and Dynamic NFT technologies to BNB Chain. With Owl Protocol supporting BNB Chain, users can create exciting new dNFT crafting logic, whitelists, rules, and triggers either on BNB Chain or cross-chain with the other 10+ chains they already run as part of Vulcan Link.

Owl Protocol is still in development and launching Q1 2023, but they are already working with beta partners such as VendettaDAO and Router Protocol and are always looking for new projects.

“We are excited to bring our Dynamic NFT (#dNFT) standards to the already thriving Web3 DApp ecosystem of BNB Chain. While also compatible with Ethereum, our cutting edge #dNFT mechanics are even better suited for a fast and scalable EVM-compatible solution like BNB Chain that can enable greater adoption,” said Leo Vigna, Founder of Owl Protocol.

To learn more about how they manage Dynamic NFT data and logic read their documentation here.


Retrieving multi-chain data is cumbersome and expensive with many barriers to entry: Web3 data indexing is intricate, initial infrastructure set up is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and on-chain data is difficult to maintain. BlockVision is a revolutionary multi-chain Node, Mempool, FT, NFT, and DeFi API provider and real-time data retrieval portal for developers. With remarkably low-latencies and high availability, BlockVision makes building and creating on Web3 a breeze.

Blockvision allows developers to seamlessly obtain any on-chain data with lightning fast response times and efficient performance at an extremely low cost.

Developers can instantly access data they need to power their NFT dApps, analyze data, forecast trends, see NFT volumes and historical data, and discover whales and high-quality NFT users on their platforms.

Projects can also streamline their workflows with instant access to data such as balances and ERC20 transfer events, account addresses, multi-chain wallet asset portfolios, token price movements and market trends.

BNB Chain’s grant will boost community awareness for the project and help Blockvision implement a positive go-to-market strategy in pursuit of building a decentralized future.

“The grant is the powerful engine for BlockVision to better develop the products on BNB Chain. The grant accelerates the adoption of plenty of indexing services for BNB Chain and helps us build a decentralized future.
The grant enables us to speed up the process of development for BNB Chain and lay a solid foundation for us to implement a positive GTM strategy. The BNB Chain approved grant symbolizes trust by the BNB team and boosts community awareness of BlockVision,” said Lis Luo, Co-Founder of Blockvision.

December Applications Open

Having witnessed the exciting projects registering an interest in November, we are very much looking forward to hearing from developers eager to build and grow on BNB Chain! We have up to $500,000 toward helping you realize your Web3 aspirations.

Why wait around? We are actively looking for exciting and innovative teams. Fill out the simple and easy application form today and help your project reach the next level.

Our efforts in supporting you will not end at the grant level and will look to continue working together to make Web3 mass adoption a reality!

Make your mark on Web3 now with a little help from your friends at BNB Chain.

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