Another day, another BNB Chain Fund investment. The latest BNB Chain Fund investment is a part of a $675K pre-seed round of the interactive NFT platform for Live Sports, Wincast.

Founded in 2021, Wincast combines live sports and NFTs for a modern interactive experience. Users of Wincast are able to own licensed digital media in the form of an NFT that captures moments they’ll hold on to forever. For example, once a batter steps up to the plate, users can begin bidding on an NFT, minted by Wincast, of that moment in real-time. The highest bidder is then rewarded with that NFT.

The first phase of Wincast’s launch will feature a live streaming infrastructure where users watch the sporting events they're bidding on in real-time, enabling an immersive, interactive experience. Another component of Wincast’s platform includes a proprietary dynamic minting engine that allows Wincast to capture linear sports feeds, edit the video down to collectible size, input it into a predetermined template, and deliver it to a user's wallet without any interaction.

“We are redefining the experience of watching sports by combining it with NFTs,” said Noah Kline, CEO and Founder of Wincast.Imagine the ability to commemorate a single event leading up to one of the greatest moments in sports history such as the pressure packed pitch in the bottom of the 9th inning, or the wind up before a final knock out – the possibilities are endless.”

The funds raised will be used to both bring Wincast’s vision of a world-class user experience to life for both sports fans and NFT collectors alike as well as drive marketing and acquire new users across a range of digital and physical communities.  Wincast’s team is also excited to work with their investors in a strategic capacity to try and integrate into ecosystems they’re a part of including Binance’s Fan Token platform and Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, and UFC Strike to bring this experience to passionate fans and leagues around the world.

“The sports industry has been actively exploring ways to engage with the world of NFTs. We’re thrilled to see Wincast is doing this in such an innovative, user-friendly way, which is what we have in mind for the future of MetaFi. BNB Chain is committed to onboarding 1 billion users and we will try our best to support teams and products that help us achieve this vision.  As the infrastructure, we will also be the best choice for promising MetaFi products on their march to mass adoption.” said Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director, BNB Chain Growth Fund.

The team is gearing up to officially launch the platform in July 2022. In tandem with the launch, Wincast is partnering with Empire Boxing Enterprises to bring the full Wincast experience to fans in their upcoming PPV fights starting in July.  

About Wincast

Wincast is an interactive NFT platform for live sports that enables users to bid, own, trade or sell NFTs of some of their favorite moments in sports history. With a mission to reinvent the way fans interact with live sports in the digital age, Wincast has created an immersive, first-of-its-kind, interactive experience for users. The platform facilitates a live streaming experience that allows users to watch the sporting events they're bidding on in real-time and through the use of a proprietary dynamic minting engine, deliver those NFTs to a user's wallet without any interaction. To learn more about Wincast and its upcoming developments as well as sign up for limited early access to the platform, please visit:

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