Let’s give a warm welcome to CUBE, the next featured dApp Star in our BNB Project Spotlight series. CUBE is creating a single platform where virtual entertainment translates to true pleasure and value, covering everything from high-quality games to the realms of broadcasting, webtoons, web novels, movies, music, and more.

Sit back and take in our interview with the CUBE team for more insight into the expansive ambitions of this exciting metaverse project.

IMPORTANT: Please note the following content does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products or services of the project, organization, or individual.

Q1: Please describe CUBE to those unfamiliar with it. What's your vision and mission?

CUBE is a project by METAVERSE World, a subsidiary of the global game developer and studio Netmarble F&C. It is a platform that brings entertainment powered by blockchain to the metaverse, and offers rich content for the community to play with and enjoy.

CUBE will not only offer Netmarble F&C’s high-quality games, but also expand into the realms of broadcasting, webtoons, web novels, dramas, movies, music, and more. Anyone from all walks of life can find and enjoy the content suited to them, and freely communicate without any content barriers. We seek to create a single platform where virtual entertainment translates to true pleasure and value.

Q2: When was the idea behind CUBE born, and what led to it?

CUBE was announced on March 17, 2022, and officially launched a month later on April 21, 2022. From day one, we envisioned the future of gaming as a fair environment where both earning is substantial and gaming is fun.

Crypto gaming and P2E is about going back to the basics and tackling the true essence of what gamers enjoy and crypto investors love. Lean too far to the “earning” part, you lose the entertainment of playing games. Lean too far to the “gaming” part, you lose the added motivation to continuously participate in the game.

We at CUBE are striving to keep this balance, offering games that are not only profitable, but also have merits even without the extra “crypto” element.

Q3: Tell us something about your team's background.

Our mother company, Netmarble F&C, is a AAA game studio, one of the top globally. And based on the expertise and skills of Netmarble F&C of producing AAA-level games, plus the blockchain capabilities we have with CUBE, it’d be an understatement to say that we’ll be a pioneer in revolutionizing the industry.

Netmarble F&C holds a vision beyond just gaming, along with a proper team and technology to bring ideas to life. As the blockchain division for Netmarble F&C, METAVERSE World is here to bring all of that together with our CUBE project. Diverse entertainment from art to webcomics, music to videos will be at your fingertips, and the overall ecosystem is optimized for both gamers and game developers, content creators and content consumers alike. We are here to make an everlasting impact.

Q4: What are the main advantages of CUBE for the user, compared to a similar project?

CUBE is a multi-platform where users can seamlessly enjoy playing games, listen to music, read webtoons, and even use tokens for e-commerce. With a strong background in the gaming industry, we are bringing all this with fun crypto games at its core.

Here’s the thing, the majority of crypto games today are just not fun to play. It’s plain and simple. We’re here to change that by going back to the basics of play-to-earn: Build games that are actually fun and one that you’d want to play even without the added crypto element.

As mentioned, Netmarble is a massive game developer and studio, producing AAA-level games. We’ve got the expertise and skills, and have proved over and over again that we know how to make hit games. This plus the blockchain capabilities of CUBE will be a gamechanger for not only crypto users, but also passionate gamers.

At the end of the day, we’re trying to attract real gamers who will be the residents of our future metaverse. We want to keep them happy and entertained by providing profitable solutions, while actually having fun within our ecosystem. That’s the answer to longevity. Moreso Play-AND-Earn over Play-TO-Earn.

Q5: What is the security strategy of your project?

Security is of utmost concern for us. That is why we are having our contracts regularly  verified by CERTIK, the leading security-focused ranking platform. Especially since we are a subsidiary of a listed company, we are extremely cautious to ensure the highest level of security possible.

Moreover, we are taking the next mile forward by joining BNB’s new sidechain application framework (BAS) as a partner project. And through this, the CUBE platform will not only provide users with a better framework for GameFi, DeFi, and NFT, but also an added layer of asset and user security.

Q6: Let's say I want to start using CUBE. Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

If you want to start using CUBE, it’s as easy as downloading the app (AOS, iOS) and/or PC launcher, signing up, and starting exploring! Download once, enjoy fully.

You can download our platform by visiting our site at: https://cube.store/

You can find guides to use CUBE here: https://whitepaper.cube.store/

Q7: Why did you decide to build on BNB Chain?

There were many factors that came into play when deciding which blockchain we wanted to build on. But some of the biggest reasons we ultimately chose BNB Chain were its scalability and professionalism, the incredible throughput, and the amazing communal support backing the ecosystem.

Moreover, BNB Chain plus the recent announcement of CUBE’s BAS partnership, the potential is endless. One of our top priorities in developing any kind of service is user experience, and we found a lot of potential in BAS that can really seamlessly integrate to the BNB Chain while excluding unnecessary steps and fees on the user side. Needless to say, we are very happy to be working with BNB Chain, and the support from their side has been simply beyond our expectation.

Q8: What do you hope to see next from the BNB Chain community?

The community behind BNB Chain is amazing. We found that the community support behind BNB Chain has been one of the most active, and immense interest and support for the dApps being serviced on it. And one of the biggest reasons as to why this is possible is due to the incredible team behind BNB Chain.

The continual support with ongoing communications and events, such as AMAs, from BNB Chain’s side has been a crucial factor in building, maintaining, and expanding the community. What we hope to see is this support and development continuously expanding, and more and more users onboarding so that we can have a positive network effect for all.

Q9: What do you see as the main challenge for the future of DeFi?

We believe the biggest challenge for all building on blockchain right now is mass adoption. In other words, how we are going to get people unfamiliar with blockchain, crypto, and metaverse to onboard without prior extensive education. Fact of the matter is, the hurdle to hop on the wagon is still way too high. The barrier to entry has definitely eased from a few years ago, but from the general user’s POV, it’s still relatively high.

Onboarding and using the service should be easy enough that a 5th-grader could use it, and for that to happen, user experience must be exceptional. That is why we are developing and continuing to build with UX in mind, and trying to make it as simple as possible so that non-crypto people can also enjoy all that blockchain has to offer.

Moreover, the extremely volatile nature of cryptocurrencies has been another huge factor in mainstream adoption. A lot of people still view cryptocurrency more as a gamble and less as an investment. We can’t reveal details at the moment, but I’ll just say we have announcements on the horizon that tackle these issues head on. That’s all we can disclose at the moment ;) Stay tuned!

Q10: What are the benefits of interacting with your play-to-earn model?

Currently, we have one play-to-earn game available for CUBE, called Golden Bros. Golden Bros is a real-time 3v3 P2E battle royale game that has been developed by Netmarble F&C for the past two years, and will be serviced both on mobile and PC, and published by Netmarble. The game is currently in early access since April 28, and the grand launch is expected to come at the end of next month.

What’s special about the P2E model in Golden Bros is that in order to earn from the game, a user must equip themselves with a Golden Bros NFT costume. Although Golden Bros is a free-to-play game, you need at least ONE NFT COSTUME to start earning tokens. And depending on the NFT costume, aka its Costume Grade, the return will vary. To make clear, the return will mainly depend on three factors: Win/Loss Status, Costume Grade, and League Tier.

And unlike other projects that continuously stamp out NFTs for sale, we treat NFT as a limited supply. This means that we have a set total supply and initial supply, similar to tokens. This is to regulate the internal economy of GBC and avoid abusive activities of non-players.

So in summary, the NFTs in Golden Bros are limited in supply, increasing its value over time; and have actual utilities that’s essential in the P2E model.

An updated roadmap and whitepaper are on the way, but in the meantime, please check us out here: https://whitepaper.cube.store/

CUBE 2.0 is on the horizon! Stay on the lookout :)

Q12: Are there any upcoming events?

We’ve got a very big event in the pipeline for our game, Golden Bros, that we’re putting together alongside BNB Chain, as well as various guilds and sponsors. We can’t disclose details at the moment, but please be on the lookout for it!