Another week of exciting innovation and big announcements from your pals at BNB Chain! 😤

We've got tons of epic events coming up, both in-person and online. Our #BuildInBharat initiative is especially exciting as BNB Chain works to build closer ties with the fantastic community of Web3 developers in India. GameFi enthusiasts - make sure to apply for BNB Chain's Game Jam.

Finally, check out our Meme of the Week at the bottom of the page!

BNB Chain Key Data Highlight 📈

Major Announcements 🔥

• BNB Chain Completes its 22nd BNB Burn
• Announcing BNB Chain Game Jam
BNB Chain Initiative in India #BuildInBharat

Ecosystem Highlights 🌏

Payroll Perfected with Zebec
• BNB Chain Ecosystem Job Board - Apply Today!
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Upcoming Events 📅

🇮🇳 // BNB Chain Developer Meetup - Bangalore // 2023-01-21

🇬🇧 // Game Jam London Side Event - at GameConnect // 2023-01-24

🇮🇳 // BNB Chain Brunch with Developers - Indore India // 2023-01-28

Recent Events 📆

🇰🇷 // Xangle Blockchain Foundation Week // 2023-01-18

🇫🇷 // Workshop at Station F // 2023-01-19

Meme of the Week 😤

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