1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Major announcements

  • BNB Chain and Google Cloud partner to scale web3 start-ups by providing: foundational infrastructure, cloud computing credits, mentorship and enhanced technical support
  • Binance Blockchain Week is finally here!
  • Vietnam Web3 Stars Learn & Earn Journey Starts

3. Ecosystem Highlights

  • Exclusive benefits for BAB Token holders provided by BNB Chain ecosystem projects are here
  • Galxe and NodeReal work together to build the largest SBT (Soulbound Tokens) ecosystem
  • Stader and Venus Protocol are proposing the addition of BNBx to @VenusProtocol.
  • BNB Chain x Rocki Song Competitions winners announced
  • The second week of BNB Chain Chinese community eco-month

Monthly Star

BNB Chain Project Stars in September Announced, with 9 impressive candidates unveiled, they’re: @LiveArtX, @MetastrikeHQ, @Gameta_Official, @Monsterra_P2E, @Helio_Money, @WombatExchange, @stader_bnb, @Ancient8_gg and @QredoNetwork

Read here to know more about them

4 Events

For the past week we had two important offline events: Innovation Meetup Vietnam and BNB Chain x Definition Hackathon.

As for online events, we had  Innovation talk with Gameta, Rareboard, Element Market, Trivians, Wombat, BlockVision, VenusProtocol, ApeSwap, SpaceID as well as interview with Nodereal, Wam, LiveArtX during Binance Blockchain Week in Paris. Also, we had BNB Chain India Tuesday Talks on NFTs and BAB Token and Talk with 8848 Community in Chinese community.

For the upcoming week we will have:

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