GuildFi Secures Investment from BNB Chain’s $1B Fund

2022.2.11  •  3 min read
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GuildFi has secured an investment under the $1 billion Growth Fund, set up by BNB Chain, helping GuildFi accelerate its vision of building an interconnected Web3 ecosystem of games, NFTs, and communities.

This strategic funding will allow GuildFi to continue its aim of maximizing players’ in-game benefits and enable interoperability across the virtual worlds through creating innovative features and unique gaming partnerships. Furthermore, the support from the Growth Fund will allow GuildFi to leverage BNB Chain’s extensive ecosystem of resources, games, and users in order to optimize and accelerate GuildFi’s growth and bring GuildFi’s vision to the forefront of users globally.

GuildFi’s ecosystem is built on five key aspects: the Gaming Center, the Guild Zone, the NFT Zone, the Tools Zone, and the Treasury Zone. With the five pillars as the foundation, GuildFi aims to provide a solid gateway for users to access and navigate the metaverse with the five key aspects as the foundation. GuildFi has already seen tremendous growth with over 150,000 GuildFi IDs created and more than 1,000,000 quests completed, showing high community participation. With the integration to BNB Chain, users will be able to double the rewards of any game on the GuildFi gaming center by earning GXP and their in-game tokens.

“The BNB Chain Fund is backing Web3 infrastructure projects to connect games, players, communities and enable interoperability across the metaverse. The GuildFi team combines a strong passion for gaming with their experience in building crypto communities to achieve this ambitious goal and take gaming guilds to the next level” said Alex Odagiu, Investment Manager, BNB Chain Fund.

As GuildFi continues to increase its features, resources, and integration, it aims to bring value and rewards to the forefront for BNB Chain users to enjoy in each of their very own metaverse journeys. GuildFi recently concluded its first Triple IGO Launch of Cyball’s NFT, which resulted in an all-time high volume on Binance NFT and also garnered an oversubscription rate of 2000% on GuildFi. Furthermore, its ecosystem currently consists of more than 3,100 scholars, 30 coaches, and a scholarship waiting list of more than 20,000 players.

Building a strong community that supports GuildFi’s vision is imperative for its long-term ambitions. Therefore, the recently completed, record-breaking, Token Launch Auction (TLA) on Copper was vital as it validates the community’s trust in GuildFi.

Jarindr Thitadilaka, GuildFi’s Project Lead adds “GuildFi has seen massive growth since we launched. This not only reflects positively on the strength of our community and ecosystem but also portrays the massive potential of the NFT and GameFi space as a whole. With investment from the BNB Chain Growth Fund, it enables us to explore even more innovative avenues to grow the GuildFi ecosystem in the multichain world we are currently living in and bring unrivaled value to our community.”

BNB Chain recently launched its Growth Fund in October 2021 to aid in increasing and accelerating the global adoption of blockchain technology. BNB Chain has already supported hundreds of blockchain projects as part of their Growth Fund since its inception. Being one of the largest ecosystems in the world, it aims to identify, onboard, and assist in 500 more projects in the next few months through its Growth Fund.

GuildFi is proud to have BNB Chain join a list of leading venture capital firms that have invested in our vision, such as Defiance Capital, Hashed, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands and more.                                              

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