Prepare for a week packed with livestreams, giveaways, and other activities where you can learn more about 7 of the October Monthly Stars and win token prizes.

Starting on Monday, Nov 22, we'll kick off 9 days packed with over $40,000 in prizes. Over these days, you'll meet 7 projects that placed in #MVBIII Monthly Stars for the past month.

Social media giveaways worth $35,000!

Because weekends are to be spent with the family and nature, we'll run these social activities during the working days from Mon-Friday. The BNB Chain community will have a chance to take part in $35,000 worth of giveaways! Over the next days, you can participate in the lucky draw from the top performing projects on BNB Chain.

Location: Twitter profiles of individual projects

Activity Period: Nov. 22 -  Nov. 30

MVBIII October Monthly Stars Live Session

Join live sessions with MVBIII Monthly Stars for October and learn more about these great projects, including Waterfall Defi, Gelato, CryptoMines, Valkyrio, Binamon, Wanaka Farm, BombCrypto, and JOJO.

Location: BNB Chain Youtube, BNB Chain Twitter, Binance Live

Meet the MVBIII Oct. Monthly Star - DeFi & Infra
with Waterfall Defi & Gelato Network
Live on November 22 at 1 pm UTC

Meet the MVBIII Oct. Monthly Star - GameFi & Metaverse
with CryptoMines, Valkyrio, Binamon, Wanaka Farm, BombCrypto, JOJO
Live on November 23 at 1 pm UTC

Bonus Events

Waterfall Early Users Airdrop - $ 15,000 worth of WTF for grabs

Waterfall DeFi is a yield aggregator that restructures risk and reward, users can either leverage their yield farming without borrowing or get your investment covered by other tranches and enjoy fixed returns across the DeFi space.

Activity Period: November 24, 15:00 UTC to November 25, 23:59 UTC.

Activity Description:

Each user that deposits 500 BUSD or more during the deposit period of Waterfall DeFi’s first tranched product - the BUSD falls, will be eligible to share a prize pool of $15,000 in WTF tokens. According to the number of qualified participants, the total prize pool will be divided equally among qualified users.

To learn more, visit Waterfall DeFi's Medium.

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