With #MVBIII: Beyond the Big Bang behind us and the 10 best projects announced, it’s time to slowly prepare for the next series of the Most Valuable Builder. Before we get to that, we want to tell you about the recent #MVBIII Demo Day.

First, we want to express our gratitude to all MVB participants, the BNB Chain community, and our partners for joining us on this remarkable journey! The last 3 months have shaken the industry and pushed us one step further to the mass adoption of blockchain technology. A week ago, we held a demo day to showcase what the projects have achieved in the #MVBIII incubation program and connect them with renowned investors from both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

The demo day happened on Dec 16 and it was hosted by Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director of BNB Chain Fund, who gave an opening speech about the vision and mission of MVB and BNB Chain at large, as well as the future outlook of bridging Web2 and Web3. As MVB is the flagship program under the BNB Chain $1 Billion Growth Fund, she also shared more about the fund. You can see Gwen’s full presentation here!

Eight promising projects joined to present and pitch to investors, including Deri Protocol, MCDEX, and Thetan Arena. The event attracted hundreds of attendees.

One thing worth noting is that, not only did Web3 VCs, such as NGC, Hashkey, GRS, QCP Capital, attend the MVBIII Demo Day, a number of Web2 VCs, angel investors, and even traditional bankers also signed up. We were thrilled to see MVB’s impact and the momentum of the two worlds coming together, fleshing out the new era of the internet.

“We attended the Demo Day and it was great. It is a pretty good event, well designed and with the high-quality project.” - Hashkey
“Thanks, Gwendolyn and her team for a great demo day! High-quality projects and very well organized and run (good timekeeping Gwen!). We've already started to connect with some of the presenters and will keep you updated on the progress. We’re looking forward to the next one and continuing to work closely together.” - GSR

If you missed the #MVBIII Demo Day, don’t worry. This overview has all the info you need to catch up. You can see there all the demo projects, including their basic information, fundraising status and pitch decks, and even get connected! Feel free to reach out to us too if you are interested in investment and/or partnership opportunities with any of the MVB projects!

As the demo day marked the end of #MVBIII, the new season of MVB is just around the corner! We will announce the launch of #MVBIV very soon. Stay tuned!

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