Stake Wars Competition Has Now Concluded

2020.8.27  •  2 min read
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To prepare for the upcoming launch of BNB staking on Binance Chain, Binance sponsored the Stake Wars promo with a total of 3,000 BNB in prizes as an opportunity for users and the larger Binance Chain community to practice cross-chain communication between Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Once block 2346448 was generated, it marked the end of the Binance Stake Wars, which lasted for 10 days

Thanks very much to the Binance Chain community; your efforts, skills, and participation in the game were beyond expectation.

More than 2,000 new addresses were created on the Binance Chain testnet, while 2,000,000 testnet BNB and 1,000 testnet BTCB were airdropped. The total amount of bonded testnet BNB was beyond 2 million. All of this was done in 193,428 transactions between 2,000 activated addresses. The sum of staking-related transactions was more than 30,000. The Binance Smart Chain testnet operated well throughout Stake Wars, and a total of 41 validators were generating blocks every few seconds along the way. In fact, there is still plenty of room for the blockchain to handle more transactions. 

The primary purpose of this competition is to give validator candidates an opportunity to test the infrastructure of BSC in simulated environments. The selected validators for the BSC testnet have the opportunity to become validators of Binance Smart Chain Mainnet and earn more delegation. BNB holders could experience staking-related operations. With the competition, the stability of the BSC testnet will be tested and proved. The future launch of BSC mainnet will allow communities to participate in DeFi building by using BNB and earn more values & benefits, while helping people to understand BNB staking and how they can do it.

Winner List

Winners of Top Validator Competition

Rank Validators Adddress Total Score Reward
1 0x3eFb67B34A9b69b54D4027E044954f483dC31678 60.9353 800 BNB
2 0x9b51D5C0DC20B732fe6Ae831F9b5c1574c545364 55.6078 300 BNB
3 0x0aF7D8b7d4eB50fA0edDD643D11120C94ad61248 51.5929 200 BNB
4 0xCDd7De033e5b313ef95a4492903656d2d0276D1e 49.3156 100 BNB
5 0xBc93f0661A49822b66B07E0727848Ed3598551E0 47.9808 100 BNB
6 0xA2E5f9E8DB4B38ac8529f79C4f3b582952B3D3dc 47.9696 100 BNB
7 0x03073aeDcEAeeaE639c465A009Ee1012272d20b4 45.0252 100 BNB
8 0x4083dCf5bA3D1506E3d43067CdBe262124adbf8f 43.0825 100 BNB
9 0x4d40E48c34e6c9B6bA7A62AB6adDe570Aeca8cE5 42.9750 100 BNB
10 0xf9de5e94fdA4C861fcED1B1ef3EB77c0aAcb1611 42.7210 100 BNB

Winners of Most Generous Validator Competition

Rank Validators Reward Rate Qualified Txs Reward
1 0x36e45aE758Af73E12aF7629E04223AD8e18852Df 15.5932901692% 1111 350 BNB
2 0x23F8C9E58035c830bD5d3A782F50E36BE47991a4 15.5665384346% 1247 200 BNB
3 0x93f1E5cB95FBB4E1a76B1bBD16Ff57a4Fe470e2e 9.2602266164% 1623 100 BNB
4 0x1580Bdf1405d094D24a40115Ac4ca7Bf68d95d2C 9.1898699732% 1632 50 BNB
5 0x2A08b1fe372860A22c70Cc7285AfF985ded624C6 8.3206194583% 1205 50 BNB
6 0x5aC1e500A5e2F4b67241E2986BAf4383eE9DeBFe 6.7561012617% 1005 50 BNB
7 0x977eCeF7De795cd248D77Fd0d080ce3a35deC013 4.7694161582% 1604 50 BNB
8 0x2780F0aDc57F9F3c49d11aDF1aB0e49b519A9728 3.9780510304% 1616 50 BNB
9 0xE657961fC9775Db22c70D9F0F4330acab7A931d1 3.6131351442% 1608 50 BNB
10 0x441795aCc9183caCF0b69083770Ab0c627bF4EE1 3.5299952579% 1273 50 BNB

The final winners of both validator prizes have to send emails  in order to prove their identity, along with a unique transaction of which the details will be disclosed once the activity has been concluded.

See you on the mainnet!