Since its launch in September 2020, BNB Chain has become the most-used blockchain infrastructure in the world. With over 1,300 dApps and more than 1 million daily active users, it is now a home for millions of people interested in DeFi, NFTs, metaverse, and more.

BNB Chain is a thriving ecosystem packed with enthusiasts who are keen to build products that help people, educators who want to show the public how crypto and Web3 can positively impact their lives, and those who spread the word about our mission of bringing the first 1 billion people to crypto. As part of this mission, we seek to empower the best teams to build innovative solutions in Web3 on a solid infrastructure that has stood the test of time – and that of close to 3B transactions!

That's why today, we want to support the community during these difficult times and extend a helping hand to the projects from the Terra ecosystem affected by last week's turbulent events. We believe that the Terra ecosystem has some of the most talented teams dedicated to building meaningful products and empowering their communities. We are confident that the BNB Chain community will wholeheartedly welcome Terrans to the BNB ecosystem, and we want to offer a platform to either migrate their projects or build new and exciting Dapps.

Advantages of building on BNB Chain

There are multiple advantages for projects building on BNB Chain, both technical and non-technical. As mentioned above, you’ll benefit from direct access to a thriving and active community with support from the world’s largest exchange, Binance, regulated in several key markets, including France. Additionally, we’ll help you connect with other major cryptocurrency companies, such as Coinmarketcap or Trust Wallet.

We will actively help you accelerate your growth, and provide you with access to investments from the $1B BNB Chain Fund and other grants. We are ready to provide dedicated support to projects migrating from the Terra ecosystem to build on BNB Chain. Teams will enjoy privileged access to network support, marketing, business development, and tokenomics support.

On the technical side, there are benefits stemming directly from BNB Chain’s design with low gas fees allowing you to minimize your operation costs, a block time of just 3 seconds, and unprecedented reliability with no downtime since BNB Chain’s launch. For a blockchain that has almost double the amount of transactions as all other blockchains together, this is no small technical feat.

In addition, there are significant infrastructure upgrades on the roadmap, such as BAS (our Application Sidechains) that allows developers to deploy their own blockchain parallel to BSC, operating on custom gas fees and with a custom validator set. This same upgrade will also enable ZkRollup on the zkBAS chain. Click here to learn more about BAS.

BNB Chain will continue its path toward greater decentralization by doubling the number of validators for BSC from 21 to 42, and by providing developers with more customization opportunities on BAS.

“It is a difficult time for many in the market, and we at BNB Chain want to welcome our fellow members of the wider crypto community into the BNB Chain ecosystem. We know you want to build, and we've put in place a solid support infrastructure to help you do so. We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about how you can build on the world's most-used blockchain in terms of users and transactions, as well as how we can assist you in your journey to create the next wave of innovative crypto dApps.”– Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain

The BNB Chain developer community wants to provide support during these times. The industry has experienced complex challenges in the past but Web3 will emerge stronger, and we invite you to build with us.

If you are interested in building on BNB Chain, please contact us via this form and we will get back to you!

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