To welcome the next billion users, the BNB Chain community is excited to introduce the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS) for any application that wants to build its own chain with high speed, ultra-low gas fee, and its own gas token. For those who have missed the “Why You Should Use BAS” AMA on 21 April 2022, here are the highlights.

BAS has arrived to solve problems and bring Web3 to the next billion users.

As the largest blockchain in the world, the BNB Chain currently has over 1 million daily active users(DAU). As a robust ecosystem, we are not just purely on DeFi or GameFi, but also a very healthy ecosystem that contains many Dapps across DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi, metaverse, and other genres. Supported by a large community, BNB Chain recorded 30.8 million weekly transactions and 4.1 million weekly active users over the past week (18 April to 24 April 2022). Currently, over 40% share of all public L1 chain transactions are on BNB Chain, which reflects transactions on BNB Chain are equivalent to almost all the transactions from all blockchains added together! But we want to achieve more, we want to bring in the next billion Web3 users.

Scaling is a critical issue for every blockchain as almost every major Layer 1 blockchain has suffered network stability and congestion problems. To scale to one billion users and bring everyone to Web3, we believe BAS is one of the key solutions.

What is BAS?

BAS is a multichain solution that allows large-scale applications to run their chain while maintaining a close connection with BNB Smart Chain (BSC).  

To give more details about the BAS, here’s the table showing its features.


Consensus Mechanism

PoS (Phase 1)


EVM or Custom

Validator Set

Custom (minimum 3)


Staking & Governance


5,000+ (projected)

Gas Fees

(as low as near zero)

Gas Token

Custom or BNB (in zkRollups)


MetaMask, TrustWallet

All wallets supporting BNB Chain

In Phase 1, PoS is the consensus mechanism for BAS. We will also launch ZkRollups in phase 2.

Projects built on BSC or other EVM chains should be assured that it will be an easy transition to build on BAS.

As shown in the table, there is a minimum of 3 validators required for BAS. However, the number of validators is flexible and it depends on your configuration. You can have 3, 5, or 7 validators on your chain. It depends on how decentralized you want it.

The throughput of a BAS would be very high and projected to be about 5,000 transactions per second (TPS) or more.

Gas fees can be customized (depending on your tokenomics), which can be as low as near zero. You can also have your own token or use the BNB token as the gas token in BAS. Besides, wallets that support BNB Chain such as Metamask and TrustWallet would also support BAS.

Advantages of owning a BAS in BNB Chain

#1 As a project owner, you can have your own blockchain with your own gas token

Deploying your projects in BAS means you can have your own blockchain and gas token. It doesn’t have to use a lot of effort to research how to build a private blockchain. The BNB Chain developer community has already built the framework for you.

Celer, one of the BNB Chain partners has also built a bridge between BAS and BSC. This makes things easier for you to build your own blockchain quickly by setting up your BAS in a few hours. In addition, having your own gas token also means that your token utility is enhanced.

#2 BAS could bring sustainability to projects and the whole ecosystem

BAS is a high performance blockchain with high TPS and ultra low gas frees which could help drive the sustainable growth of projects and the ecosystem. Many projects are often worried about network congestion that could be caused by a transaction spike from other projects. The congestion problem would be solved by BAS, which could also enhance the user experience and performance of your game.

#3 BAS and BSC are seamlessly integrated

As BAS is closely connected to BSC, which means projects that own a BAS are also a part of the broader BNB Chain ecosystem. What that means is you will be able to easily tap on the liquidity and infrastructural support on BSC, including DeFi, Dapps, liquidity tools, or NFT marketplaces.

#4 BAS is backed by the largest community of users and developers

There is a huge amount of active users on projects deployed on BNB Chain. You can always cross-promote with other projects and leverage the huge user base to grow your project reach. We have more than 1,300 applications in the whole BNB Chain ecosystem, thereby creating a robust and healthy ecosystem for your project to flourish.

Build with the BNB Chain Community

There are $10 million in prizes and seed funding in the BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon, as well as attractive bounties for building modules for BAS. Bounties 1, 4, 5, and 14 are provided by BNB Chain, NodeReal, Ankr, and Celer, which are related to enlarging the possibilities of BAS.

NodeReal, the one-stop blockchain infrastructure and services provider

As one of the partners that has also launched the testnet of BAS, NodeReal is a one-stop infrastructure and services provider for the high-speed blockchain era. It is trusted by customers worldwide with a deep understanding of infrastructure and security. NodeReal aims to support the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web 3 ecosystem.

“BAS is solving scalability issues through multi chain and zkRollups solutions, as more and more NFTs and GameFi projects build on BNB Chain. As we aim to bring the next 1 billion users onboard, it is important we first have the fundamentals layout and infrastructure on the right track and not only scale but customizable to every chain’s needs. ” Said Freddie Ng, Director of Operation at NodeReal.

More demonstrations of using BAS testnet are coming soon on the BNB Chain Youtube channel

During the AMA, Freddie demonstrated the process of bridging, using explorers,

simple steps of connecting the testnet network to the wallet in BNBChain List, and how to mint your own NFT in BAS. You can review the whole demonstration process by clicking here.

Freddie Ng, the Director of Operation at NodeReal demonstrated the steps of using BNBChain List to connect the network of BAS testnet to the wallet. Source: 

Freddie revealed that more demonstrations will come soon. “We will demonstrate the flow of bridging, transferring the funds, and using explorer tooling. We will show you NFT bridging of how to bring NFT standards such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 to BAS as well.”

If you wish to deploy your projects in BAS, please do not hesitate to click here to fill in the form. NodeReal will deploy the whole infrastructure for you.

We are here to accomplish the vision of multichain

On 15 February 2022, we launched BNB Chain, consisting of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC). The branding exercise is more than just a name change – BNB Chain is becoming a multichain infrastructure with different possible solutions, with BAS being one of them. The name change also reflects the ambition and vision of what we will have in the future.

“BAS would become the multichain solution that gets us to the next billion users and this benefits both users and projects in the future. I’m excited about what the BAS can bring to us.” Said Alvin Kan, Director of Business Operation at BNB Chain.

#1 What is the consensus model of BAS?

BAS uses BSC's Parlia consensus. Parlia is a Proof-of-Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm for BSC. It incorporates elements from both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority. It is a BFT-like consensus where only one validator produces a block and to be sure of the correctness of this operation we must wait for the confirmation time, usually its 2/3*N+1, where N is active validators (15 blocks for the current configuration).

#2 What is the roadmap of BAS?

The journey of BAS began in Jan of 2022. We will soon carry out NFT Bridging in late April 2022. Finally, we will launch the BAS mainnet in May 2022.

#3 Where can I receive the latest information about BAS?

To know more about the latest announcement about BAS, please subscribe to our social media channels(Blog, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord).

#4 Where can I know more about BNB Chain partners that launched BAS testnets?

Currently, three partners have launched the BAS testnet, which includes NodeReal, Ankr, and Celer. To know more about NodeReal, Ankr, and Celer, you can visit their website to deep dive by reading their documents.

#5 Is BAS equal to sharding?

Sharding is a different solution from BAS. BAS is more than a sidechain solution. It is a multichain solution that helps us to move to the next billion users. BSC Partition Chains that will come soon would be more similar to sharding.

#6 What is coming next?

We will have more AMAs to reveal more details about the BAS and to demonstrate how to use BAS. We will also share successful cases of projects deploying on BAS. So please stay tuned!