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8 BNB Chain Project Stars in July

2022.7.21  •  8 min read
Blog post image.

Disclaimer: The information provided through the BNB Chain community does not constitute advice or recommendation for investment or trading. Projects are listed in no particular order below. BNB Chain does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

Innovation never stops. BNB Chain is committed to identifying and supporting the best potential innovators in our ecosystem, expanding our boundaries and helping users from all walks of life enter the web3 world seamlessly. Our Star Projects each month are the best of the best in driving this process.

In this article, we outline 8 innovative projects on BNB Chain for you. Among them are innovative trading tools, exciting blockchain games, disruptive music NFT platforms, and powerful Web3 data and domain services. Come and join us to find out what is so fascinating about these projects!

Open Leverage:  Permissionless Margin Trading Protocol

OpenLeverage, one of the 14 projects of Binance Labs Incubation Program Season 4, became this month’s Project Star.

As a permissionless lending margin trading protocol, OpenLeverage enables traders or other applications to long or short on any trading pair on DEXs efficiently and securely. Anyone can create lending pools for any trading pair available on a DEX, with default interest rate and risk parameters, which the community can change via the governance process.

According to figures provided by OpenLevarage, after building on BNB Chain and collabrating with a significant number of great projects including PancakeSwap and Biswap, OpenLevarage has surpassed milestones of over USD 480 million in trading volume in just three months, with USD 12 million in TVL, which is remarkable despite no token launch. Overall, building on BNB Chain has been a great experience and is essential for OpenLeverage.

Back in June, BinanceLabs made a strategic investment in this project in the hope that the team could innovate more towards a permissionless lending and margin trading protocol for all. For the long term, OpenLeverage aims to build a decentralized crypto securities service to retail and institutional clients, providing decentralized lending, derivatives trading, and asset management infrastructure, which integrates with the global DeFi ecosystem.

To know more about OpenLeverage, please read BNB Chain Spotlight: OpenLeverage

Biswap: Progressive DEX on BNB Chain with A Low Trade Fee in DeFi Space

Biswap is the first DEX platform on BNB Chain with a multi-type referral program and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1%). It is a decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the BNB Chain network. This network guarantees superior speed and much lower network transaction costs.

Biswap never stops the pace of innovation. In April Biswap DEX announced the launch of the fixed staking. It is an exclusive feature implemented on the BNB Chain for the first time by DEX, which allows holders of the leading tokens to expand their crypto assets with no risk. In June,  Biswap launched NFT Marketplace V2.0 with several new features and designs.

Sourced by DappRadar, from July 1 to July 7, Biswap ranked the 2nd DApp on BNB Chain with weekly volume of $372.34M, only second to PancakeSwap.

Tiny World: Blockchain Game Universe Combining NFT, DeFi and Gaming

Tiny World is a blockchain game universe that combines NFT, DeFi and Gaming to create a truly stunning experience for users. Users could collect over 100 Tiny Hero NFTs and start their epic journey. By battling their way to the top of the leaderboards or entering the dungeons to realize play-to-earn experience. They can also stake their tokens and awesome NFTs for a different way to earn using the platform's DeFi products.

There are many ways a user could enter

  • Yield farming with assets in Tiny Farm
  • Collecting Tiny NFTs and selling them on the marketplace
  • Tiny NFT yield farming‌
  • Staking Token to get benefits via playing and voting
  • Playing Tiny games to win leaderboard prizes

In March the team announced the long-awaited TinyDAO, which gives users the right to manage assets on the platform to truly achieve effective governance on the platform. =Tiny Coin (TINC) token holders have the right to manage the treasury of Tiny World and determine the development direction of the platform in the future.

Summoner's Arena: An innovative Play-Own-Earn Idle-RPG on BNBChain

Summoners Arena is set out to be a multi-genre game universe made into a franchise, based on the antique lore of Summonia. Players truly own the experience of what they grind to build in Summonia.

Summoners Arena Mainet was launched on May 26th. Within one month it has accumulated 11000+ registered accounts, 5000+ DAU, 3500+ hero NFT holders, 1200+ heroes burned, and 750,000+ ASG(the native token) burned.

Apart from open beta & game launch as well as ASG launch, before July Summoners Arena has successfully concluded the Phase 2 of its feature roadmap with several important gameplay updates and ecosystem updates. In the coming months Summoners Arena will continue to work on its NFT Sale, SAE Launch, the release of PC Version and many more exciting gameplay updates.

Rocki:  next-generation music streaming service and music NFT platform

Music market is a highly unbalanced world. 1% of artists generate 90% of music streams. 82% of artists earn less than $270/year from music streaming. Rocki is designed to solve some of the music industry’s most fundamental problems.

Rocki is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem which aimed at bringing fair compensation to artists with NFT-powered music.

Rocki allows artists to earn the rocki cryptocurrency for their streams, coupled with the world’s first hybrid subscription model in both fiat and crypto using a user-centric payment system that pays the majority of the subscription revenue from a listener directly to the artists they are streaming.

Rocki gives independents a platform to sell royalties and stream their music. Their first royalty NFT sale on the platform raised 40 ETH for 50% royalties using the ERC721 token standard. Since its launch, Rocki has amassed the largest music NFT library in the world, with 20,000+ registered users, 9,000+ artists, 40,000+ songs and 2,000 NFTs sold.

Melos: Decentralized Web3 Music NFTs Platform

Melos (Mělǒs) is the Latin word Meloidia, meaning tune and singing. By adopting this name, Melos aims to capture music inspirations through NFT. As a decentralized meta+music web3.0 collaboration platform for musicians and music creators.  Melos allows anyone to create music through its tools. The generated content can then be saved as NFTs and brought into circulation. Through the open re-creation of generated music NFTs, Melos functions as a social music platform, where music creators can collaborate, communicate, and co-produce.

In July,  Melos announced the launch of the long-awaited DNA Tree function. With DNA Tree, every musician can stand on the shoulders of music giants to make their own music pieces. DNA Tree allows anyone to remix, modify and reinterpret any music NFT work released on Melos in an unlimited way, while ensuring that the original music creators and copyright holders are paid accordingly.

As pointed out in BNB Chain Music NFT report, Music NFTs are a very powerful piece of collaboration between artists. Platforms like Melos Studio allow musicians to collaborate while being the owners of these works that can later be sold or owned by different users. Melos owns certain unpublished works by artists like David Bowie or Freddy Mercury and allows different musicians on his platform to use those pieces for their compositions. Models like this can be very interesting for copyright holders of unpublished songs.

Parsiq: Full-suite data network used to build the backend for all web3 dApps & protocols

PARSIQ products & solutions equip clients with historical and real-time data, custom-tailors that data to their specific needs, and provides the means for storing and securing that data.

In July, Parsiq released its new flagship product - the Tsunami API, which provides users with the raw data from the entire history of these chains. It also provides the ability to apply filtration mechanisms, allowing for the querying of the whole of the blockchain history, for example, by sender, receiver, contracts it interacted with by topic, etc. With Tsunami, PARSIQ amplifies its power towards building the world’s most powerful and easily accessible data services.

As planned in its roadmap,  PARSIQ will move on to build out Data Hubs, Data Lakes, and a plug-and-play developer SDK. With the above features implemented, PARSIQ will move towards a product known as Hybrid,  ultimately comprising the new product stack PARSIQ Network — a full-suite data network to build the backend for all Web3 dApps & protocols.

Space ID: A Universal Name Service Network

Building on BNB Chain, SPACE ID is a universal name service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications in the digital world. It is chain-agnostic, decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced.

As we’re very likely heading into a multi-chain future,Space ID is aimed at providing a user with a unique identity to all chains. On SpaceID, a user’s username can be linked with his or her identity across multiple blockchains. SpaceID will also allow users to connect their identities from the Web2 world including twitter handle, email address, Github account to Web3.

SpaceID is still at its early stage of development, but the first product is already exciting. SPACE ID is now launching the standard .bnb Domain Name Service as the first Top Level Domain (TLD), as well as its first product. In other words, SPACE ID is providing the integral identity infrastructure in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

What’s more, SPACE ID was selected from 650+ teams that applied in the just concluded Binance Labs Incubation Program Season 5 selection, and is one of the 27 teams selected to access an array of growth opportunities with a dedicated 8-week program including mentorship, a tailored curriculum, workshops and much more from our ecosystem.

To know more about Space ID, please read BNB Chain Spotlight: Space ID

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