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BNB Chain and Binance Labs Launch BNB Incubation Alliance (BIA) with Top VCs and Incubators to Foster Early-Stage Blockchain Innovation

2024.6.13  •  3 min read
Blog post image.

Building together to fast-track your Web3 journey.

BNB Chain and Binance Labs are excited to announce the launch of the BNB Incubation Alliance (BIA). This incubator aims to support and expedite the growth of early-stage blockchain projects through a series of global events – a collective endeavor alongside prominent venture capitalists, incubators, and robust developer communities. By building together, we aim to fast-track your Web3 journey.

A key highlight of the program is the opportunity for winning projects to be fast-tracked into the prestigious Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program, receive BNB Chain grants, access to the Launch-as-a-Service (LaaS) package, and potential Binance Labs investment opportunities. This initiative provides unparalleled access to resources and strategic partnerships essential for growth and innovation within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

How the BNB Incubation Alliance Works

BNB Incubation Alliance will collaborate with partners to host primarily offline events globally. These events will focus on early-stage projects selected by the co-hosts including, BNB Chain, Binance Labs, top VCs, and incubators, 

  • Selection Criteria: Projects should be in the incubation stage, with specific metrics to define early stages, such as pre-product launch or shortly after launch, capped by team size or historical fundraising valuation. Projects participating in the BNB Incubation events are selected by the BNB Incubation Alliance, and should be as early-stage as possible. Projects can apply here
  • Judging and Awards: A panel of judges from the co-hosts and co-organizers will score the projects to select winners. The awards include:
    • 1st Award: Direct admission to MVB, LaaS package, potential Binance Labs investment opportunities, and BNB Chain grants* 
    • 2nd Award: Priority consideration for MVB admission, BNB Chain grants* and LaaS package
    • 3rd Award: Priority consideration for MVB admission and LaaS package

*Dependent on BNB Chain deployment related requirements.

The partner VCs and incubators will collaborate closely with BNB Chain and Binance Labs to ensure a seamless event execution. This includes nominating projects, serving as judges, and contributing to the overall success of the events.

Event Schedule

The initial series of events will take place as follows with exact dates being shared  :

  • EthCC 2024: July in Brussels, Belgium 
  • Bitcoin 2024: Nashville, USA (to be confirmed)
  • Token 2049: Singapore (to be confirmed)
  • Binance Blockchain Week: Dubai, UAE (to be confirmed)
  • DevCon and EthGlobal: Bangkok, Thailand (to be confirmed)

Proposed Agenda

The agenda for the BNB Incubation Alliance events will include welcome speeches, keynote addresses, and panel discussions featuring key figures from BNB Chain, Binance Labs, and industry leaders. Participants will engage in project preparation and Q&A sessions, followed by presentation and demo days where nominated projects will showcase their ideas and solutions. The event will also offer networking opportunities with Binance Labs, VCs, and incubators, culminating in a celebratory gala party where the top projects will be awarded prizes.

Why You Should Join The BNB Incubation Alliance

Joining the BNB Incubation Alliance gives your project the opportunity to receive potential investment from Binance Labs and BNB grants. It also provides the possibility to be fast-tracked into the BNB Chain MVB program. The MVB program, hosted jointly by BNB Chain, Binance Labs, and for the most recent season, CMC Labs, has been conducted for 7 seasons. It’s a very competitive program, with season 7 seeing below 2% of applicants being accepted.  

The MVB program offers numerous benefits for Web3 builders looking to grow and innovate within the BNB Chain ecosystem. Here’s what you can gain by joining the MVB program:

  • Access to Strategic Partnerships: MVB attracts high-value strategic partners, such as CMC Labs, CoinMarketCap’s accelerator program.
  • Close Collaboration with Industry Leaders: Work closely with the Binance Labs investment team and BNB Chain core contributors and developers. Receive support from across the ecosystem, ensuring a well-rounded and robust growth experience.
  • Deep Collaboration and Advisory Support: Facilitate deep collaboration with founders and builder teams during the early stages of development. Access to advisory support to bring innovative ideas to life and drive progress within the BNB Chain ecosystem.
  • Extensive Support and Resources: Comprehensive support to navigate the complexities of building on the BNB Chain. Resources, tools, and a tailored curriculum to help Web3 startups on their path to long-term growth.
  • Launch-as-a-Service: Launch as a Service (LaaS) in MVB is a comprehensive, free support program by BNB Chain that helps projects launch and grow their Dapps on the BNB Smart Chain, offering infrastructure, security, treasury, and business growth services.

Recently, during Season 7 of our MVB program, we hosted a 10-week accelerator jointly run by BNB Chain, Binance Labs, and CMC Labs. From over 700 applicants, 13 early-stage Web3 projects were selected to support the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem. The program included mentorship, and expert-led sessions, and culminated in a Demo Day where Binance Labs will decide on investments based on project performance.

Accelerating Your Web3 Journey

The BNB Incubation Alliance is dedicated to advancing early-stage blockchain innovation. By hosting various events, the BNB Incubation Alliance further cements BNB Chain’s commitment to incubating, training, and fostering the next generation of blockchain talent. Together, we are building the future to fast-track your Web3 journey, providing the support and resources necessary for groundbreaking growth and innovation.