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BNB Chain Launches $10 Million Gas Fee Incentive to Support Growth of Web3 Dapps

2022.10.25  •  2 min read
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We're announcing the exciting launch of a $10 million Growth Incentive Program to help projects with user acquisition and growth.

The program will immediately be active for projects in Q4, with gas incentives up to 800 BNB per project in a monthly period. We are committing $1 million per month for relevant teams participating, helping drive them toward further user acquisition and growth.

Get Started with BNB Chain Growth Incentive

We understand the challenges present at different stages of development for each project, hence we’ve tailored a program to scale your growth no matter which stage you’re at.

We’re looking for projects that are eager to build, acquire even more users and expand their reach within our ecosystem. You can now receive incentives based on growth targets crafted for you at your current growth stage. You can apply no matter the stage you are at and receive different tiers of incentives based on different growth milestones.

To begin the four stage process, projects will be tasked with filling out a simple application form that outlines relevant links to their website, documentation, security audits and the specific vertical they intend to make their mark on.

You can find this form here, and can also reach out to the BNB Chain team via Telegram for any additional questions you may have regarding the application process. Below you can see how the four stage process will function before beginning your application on your path to growth.

Step 1 Application: This marks the initial application phase that will see projects and teams needing to submit an application to initiate the evaluation process.

Step 2 Evaluation: Will relevant applications will then undergo a thorough evaluation. Upon completion of the application, an assessment process takes place where we will do our due diligence in evaluating the entire project

Step 3 Decision: Applicants that have fulfilled the evaluation criteria will be notified and we will work with you diligently to ensure we put in place effective and useful growth targets.

Step 4 Action: The most important and enjoyable phase of all, seeing your project make huge strides in Web3!

Helping Promising dApps Flourish

Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain said: "Through the Growth Incentive Program, BNB Chain aims to support projects at various stages of growth and provide direct support for user acquisition so that the projects can also leverage other elements of the BNB Chain community to boost further growth and user experience.  This is yet another step toward helping the most promising dApps and onboarding the next billion users to web3."

The program's qualification criteria require that projects achieve a baseline target daily active users (DAU) every month that is consistent with the project's ongoing growth, implying that projects that have received continuous love from the community now have a chance to turn that into real growth and an increasing number of users.

Only projects that are already deployed on BNB Chain are eligible for the incentive fund; however, they can be at any stage of their journey as long as they have shown consistent user growth.

Comprehensive Developer Support

Earlier this month, BNB Chain launched the European Innovation Incubator, a three-week virtual program designed for innovative Web3 startups across Europe to build and scale dApps, driving towards a decentralized future. Alongside this BNB Chain’s Builder Grant initiative continues to keep the door open for innovators looking for additional support via monthly applications.

BNB Chain is committed to helping determined teams in our ecosystem reap the rewards of their hard work by helping build their userbase and welcoming the next billion users into Web3 together!

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