Build Your Next dApp on BNB Chain: MVB V Applications Underway

2022.6.14  •  3 min read
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Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program is back and the latest iteration, MVB V: Unchartered Territory, is set for launch as applications from innovators across the industry continue to flood in. MVB V will officially get underway on July 11th, with applications considered until July 8th.

The incubation program is designed to equip builders on BNB Chain with the means to reach their full potential. Together with the developer community and ambitious projects out there, we want to embark on Uncharted Territories, where no developer or buidler has gone before. Together we will venture into the unexplored; a challenging and exciting journey. By building together we can give rise to innovative stability and help your project reach its full potential.

Previous cohorts of MVB have already enjoyed the game-changing effects of participation with projects like MCDEX, Biswap and Deri Protocol having gone on to scale considerably since taking part. Progress like this is only possible with dedicated support and backing that allows innovation to thrive. Prospective participants are already facing different challenges to those present in previous MVB cycles, and BNB Chain has come together with Binance Labs to ensure developers overcome these challenges and keep building.

To achieve this, a dedicated program has been constructed that will see participants develop and grow through coaching, investment and access to a burgeoning network of support. A tailored curriculum has been developed for projects chosen for incubation on MVB V, and will begin on July 11th, with a 6-8 week program designed to help top project teams deliver a thriving product.

MVB V will be on the lookout for innovators operating on projects looking to accelerate and drive innovation and progress on the BNB Chain ecosystem as well as the broader blockchain industry. While we welcome projects at all relevant stages and valuations, we are particularly interested in projects that offer a unique market fit, operating with original code to deliver efficient and effective innovations.

  • Infrastructure: middleware, cross-chain, security/risk control tools
  • DeFi: advanced DeFi, portfolio management, stream pay
  • GameFi: play to earn, game development tools
  • SocialFi: fan engagement platforms, creator content tools
  • Metaverse: virtual platforms, analytics & development tools

Readying Your Application

You can apply now by filling out the relevant application form, which is simple and straightforward in helping you outline precisely what you are working on. Upon accessing the form you will be asked to include an email address and project name before linking your relevant pitch deck or summary and project website.

Many of you have been wondering about what you may include in your pitch deck. While these suggestions do not serve as guidelines, they may help you in constructing a comprehensive application. Consider including the following in your relevant pitch deck:

Cover Slide, Value Proposition, Market Need, Market Solution, Product, Product Roadmap, Vision, Monetization Plan, Traction, Customers/Community, Your Team, Competitors and finally, Contact Information.

We encourage all innovators to apply and will be heavily invested in ensuring the progress of your project should you be a chosen candidate. The process in deciding on the chosen teams will see Binance Labs collaborate with the BNB Chain team to identify quality projects with strong goals and visions that relate to building on the BNB ecosystem, subsequent selective investments will be made at the end of the program.

Remember- when the going gets tough, the tough get building. So, why not apply to MVB V with your project now! Who knows, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.