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BSC Project Spotlight: Blink

2020.12.10  •  2 min read
Blog post image.

In the previous articles of the Project Spotlights series, where we’re interviewing projects developing on Binance Smart Chain, we shared with you some of the first few projects – ForTube, BurgerSwap, Bounce, Arkane Network, AnySwap, Bitquery, and Tenderly. Today, we continue with the Project Spotlights interviews, and the next project you’ll learn about is Blink.

Please describe your project to those who might not be familiar with Tenderly.

Blink: At Blink, we’ve created a brand-new gaming platform running entirely on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform will enable BNB holders to start using their tokens to experience the excitement of daily gaming and wealth redistribution that WINksters on Tron have been enjoying for over two years. The new platform is the beginning of an exciting new era for WINk and the first step on our journey to becoming a true multi-chain gaming platform.

Why did you decide to migrate/build on Binance Smart Chain?


Binance has supported WINk since its inception. WIN was the first gaming IEO to launch on their launchpad. The Binance Smart Chain was built to be entirely compatible with Ethereum, but faster. For this reason, players can use existing wallets such as MetaMask to interact with dApps.

BSC offers the familiarity of Ethereum with none of the associated gas costs that have proved so problematic. Blink will be the first large-scale dApp to launch on BSC. It will showcase the chain's potential to dApp developers as a serious competitor and cement WINK's position as the number one gaming platform in the blockchain space.

What do you see as the main advantage of BSC compared to other


Blink: The three main advantages are undoubtedly the fast transaction speed, low gas fees, and integrated ecosystem.

How was the migration process? Can you name some of the highlights or positive experiences and, on the other hand, some of the challenges?

Blink: It went very well.

Some positives worth highlighting: BSC is of superior performance, and whenever some problem occurred, they always helped us resolve it in time.

Challenges: We need to be acquainted with the BSC

What kind of perks or benefits within the Binance ecosystem directly affect the performance and success of Blink?

Blink: BSC ecosystem. We couldn‘t make this progress without the BSC ecosystem’s support. BSC gave us a lot of resources and support, direct access to the community, and more.

What do you hope to see next from the BSC community?

Blink: A larger growing community, a more active and complex ecosystem.

Where do you see DeFi and BSC in five years?

Blink: I think BSC will be one of the biggest and most effective chains in the whole industry.

Binance Smart Chain is far more DeFi-friendly than other blockchains, and we have a reason to believe that BSC will shine within the next five years.

And DeFi? The whole team at Blink believes that DeFi is starting to move from a niche crypto market to mainstream financial markets.

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