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MVBIII: September Monthly Stars

2021.10.15  •  4 min read
Blog post image.

September was an exciting and volatile month. Binance Smart Chain experienced some ups and downs, as you’d expect in this innovative environment, but now Uptober is in full swing, and it’s time to announce the Monthly Stars.

Before we get into it, we want to share with you the exciting news from October 12 – Binance Smart Chain received a $1b growth fund from This fund will boost the Most Valuable Builder with $200 million to expand and incubate 100 innovative dApps and infrastructure providers building on top of BSC.

In addition to the fund, all MVBIII Monthly Stars will receive mentoring from top venture capital and technical support from the BSC core community under the MVB Incubation Program.

MVBIII so far…

  • 17 projects announced as August Monthly Stars
  • 79+ total MVBIII participants in September.
  • Participating projects grew on average by 40%+ across the different metrics (users, transactions, volume, etc.).
  • MVB BUIDL Rewards, the exclusive gas fee rebate plan, distributed almost  $1million in September; 2,052 BNB.

Announcing MVB Monthly Stars for September

The Monthly Stars competition is a new concept introduced in MVBIII that will help us better identify best-performing projects and bootstrap their growth. If you’re new to the MVB program, read the announcement of MVBIII Monthly Stars for August, where we explain this monthly competition.

Meet the winners!

In September, we reviewed dozens of projects, of which we shortlisted the 15 best based on their performance across multiple metrics, including transaction volume, active users, total transactions, and more. More importantly, MVB reviewed their security audit status, product innovation level, development activity, and community engagement. We want to identify the projects dedicated to their users and mission, innovating and providing a top-class user experience.  

Please note that only projects placed among Monthly Stars can place in the #MVBIII final top 10 players. We will announce the MVBIII Monthly Stars for October and subsequently MVBIII final 10 in November.

Monthly Stars September by category; alphabetical order:


Projects building and innovating in the decentralized finance sphere

  • Kine - Kine is a decentralized exchange with on-chain staking, zero gas fee, and zero slippage for derivative trading. The peer-to-pool model provides the trader a market with no limitation on liquidity or underlying.
  • Mars Ecosystem - Mars Ecosystem is building an open and decentralized finance protocol with its own algo-stablecoin.
  • MCDEX - MCDEX is the first fully permissionless decentralized exchange for trading perpetual contracts.
  • O3 Swap - O3 Swap is the first cross-chain aggregation protocol that enables the free trading of native assets between heterogeneous chains.
  • OpenOcean - OpenOcean is the entrance for one-stop crypto trading on DEXes and CEXes.
  • Strips Finance - Strips Finance is a revolutionary interest rate derivatives exchange. STRIPS cutting-edge AMM technology allows for cross-chain yield markets on the most popular DeFi and CeFi platforms.
  • Woo Network - one of the most innovative BSC DeFi infra, providing traders, exchanges, and institutions with democratized access to the best-in-class liquidity and trading execution at zero or low cost.


Projects creating new blockchain games and merging the worlds of DeFi and gaming

  • Zoo Crypto World - Zoo Crypto World is a GameFi metaverse that combines DeFi with GameFi. Battle against your foes, stake in pools or enjoy action-packed fights.
  • Radio Caca- Radio Caca is the exclusive manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and DeFi+GameFi vehicle for The USM Metaverse.
  • Thetan Arena - Thetan Arena is a free-to-play blockchain game from the MOBA genre (DOTA 2, League of Legends) with Battle Royale mode. Form teams with your friends, battle with others, and earn money with just your skills.
  • Bunicorn - Bunicorn Game is a Play to Earn NFT RPG inspired by Pokémon on the BSC network. Bunicorn is an intense GameFi platform that elevates DeFi and blockchain gaming experience to the next level.
  • MixMarvel - MixMarvel provides various publishing services across the blockchain game industry, including integrating blockchain into games, in-game token economy, and more.

Platforms and products focused on NFT and Metaverse

  • StarryNift- StarryNift is a frictionless metaverse platform designed to enable artists, collectors, and investors to fully enjoy the fun of NFT creation, collecting, trading, gaming, and socialization.
  • TreasureLand - Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT aggregation protocol that supports NFT mint, issuance, auction, and socialization.

Infrastructure, wallets, and tooling

Infrastructure and service providers that make interacting with BSC seamless, faster, and increase its usability. This category includes APIs, tooling, wallets, and more.

  • Debank - DeFi Wallet that tracks your DeFi portfolio, provides DeFi explorer, compares DeFi rates, analyzes DeFi risk, and allows you to directly manage your DeFi assets.

Each Monthly Star will receive:

  • Chance to compete for the MVBIII Final TOP Players (10 projects)
  • BSC community support (social media and marketing)
  • Access to the boosted MVB Incubation Program and mentorship
  • Discounts on Smart Contract Audits from our partners
  • NFT badge of recognition by Galaxy with unique benefits such as access to private events and incubation seminars.

Selected projects can also receive investments from the new $500M investment fund and liquidity incentives from the new $100M Liquidity Incentive Program. We will announce the details next week.

September BUIDL distribution: 2,052 BNB reimbursed to 90 projects

In September, 90 projects received gas fee rebates of 2,052.41 BNB, equal to almost $1 million.

From September 30, the BUIDL program is merged with the MVB program to automatically reimburse 3% of all gas fees spent by the projects participating in the MVB. Projects that register for MVBIII or any future edition of MVB will be required to register for the BUIDL fees reimbursement. This gas fee rebate plan is exclusive to MVB participants.