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BNB Chain Project Spotlight: MOBOX#2

2022.4.6  •  8 min read
Blog post image.

We're going back to meet again with one of the most popular projects on BNB Chain: MOBOX. We previously interviewed MOBOX under the BNB Chain Project Spotlight, and today we're going back to catch up with their latest progress and plans.

Spotlight on MOBOX

IMPORTANT: Please note the following content does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products or services of the project, organization, or individual.

1. I really like the ecosystem built in MOBOX! Can you introduce us to MOBOX and explain your project to those unfamiliar with it?

Definitely! Before I start with a quick introduction to MOBOX, let me briefly introduce myself and the team.  We’ve been together for the past eight years, building, developing, and publishing web and mobile games.  Some of our games have reached the top of the charts on Facebook, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

We started our first blockchain game back in 2018 when we stumbled upon Cryptokitties.  We began to dive deep into NFTs and believed that this would be the future of gaming.  Having actual ownership of your hard-owned assets that forever live on the blockchain is a dream come true for many gamers.

The team has continued to learn and grow throughout the years.  And we are lucky enough to be. I believe the only team with two projects on the Binance Launchpad and/or Launchpool.  This can only be attributed to the relentless community that has stuck with us through all the ups and downs throughout the years.  So I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who has supported us.

Now, a bit about the MOBOX platform.  First and foremost, we are not a Game!  We are a Gaming Ecosystem where we provide all the tools that gamers need to take their first step into blockchain gaming.  Our goal is to offer a free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem through the combination of DeFi mechanics and our experience in NFT gaming.

Currently, the MOBOX ecosystem consists of the MOBOX decentralized wallet for DeFi Staking, MOBOX centralized wallet to make gaming a breeze, NFT Marketplace, and the ability to lend and rent NFTs through optimized Smart Contracts. Four games of different genres to support all types of players.

We have also just released a very early version of our “MOMOverse,” which will contain everything the MOBOX ecosystem offers and much more, allowing users to use their unique MOBOX NFT Avatars as a recreation of themselves in this virtual world.

2. Unlike other gaming projects, MOBOX has different games on its platform. Can we talk more about games in MOBOX right now? Are there any new games launching soon?

Currently, the MOBOX platform has several in-house-built games of different genres.  This includes :

  • Token Master: A simple PvP battler
  • Block Brawler: Idle RPG
  • ChainZ Arena: Trading Card RPG
  • MOland Defense: Hero Tower Defense

As I mentioned earlier, we are a gaming ecosystem. Therefore, we need to provide different gaming genres so everyone can find something that they can enjoy on the MOBOX platform.

We have recently made several investments into game studios to help us bring more fun games to the MOBOX ecosystem while also allowing us to test out our Game Creator API to make it easy for other studios to use everything the MOBOX ecosystem has to offer.

This will allow us to focus on developing the tools for the MOBOX ecosystem and the MOMOverse.  We will also be creating a lot of mini-games for the MOMOverse for some quick and exciting action.

MOBOX is metaverse with different games that suit different players.

3. Do you have some upcoming events that you want to share with us?

We have a lot of events beginning this week! Launchpad and $500,000 NFT Giveaway: Users can list their MOBOX NFT Avatar on the Marketplace and gain tickets for their chance to win an exclusive Legendary MOMO NFT.

The Ultimate Burn Event: A unique event where everyone can join in on the phone.  Simply log in to the MOMOverse and collect random MBOX tokens that will all be burned.  There are daily leaderboards where users can win MBOX tokens by ranking in the top 100.  This event will last for a whole month!

MOBOX Anniversary Event: This was specially designed to give back to all those who have supported us so far.  Users can complete daily tasks, earn MBOX tokens, and open unique chests.

MOBOX Alpha Test COMBO Event: A specially designed event to test the first iteration of some systems in the newly launched MOMOverse.  Users can collect materials, combine them, earn points, and win MBOX tokens.

4. MOBOX has just launched the MOMOverse. What’s unique about this metaverse?

The current version of the MOMOverse is a very, very early version for us to test out some of the unique and core systems that will be the underlying infrastructure of this great virtual world.  For this first version, users can farm different resources, combine them to create materials, play mini-games, explore and collect materials throughout the vast lands, and much more.

Again, this is a very, very very early version of what we have planned.  Although it's a very early version, we decided to launch it to our community first as we believe this is one of the greatest things about the blockchain Dapp industry.  Where we show our community every step of the way, garner feedback from them, and continue building.  This allows us to create a community-developed project where everyone’s great ideas come together into one fully developed MOMOverse.

With MOBOX Avatar, players can walk through the MOMOverse.

5. MOBOX has launched different NFTs, like MOMO NFT and MOBOX Avatar. What is their role in the MOMOverse?

MOMO NFTs are used to farm different resources that can be used throughout the MOMOverse in various ways, such as upgrading your MOhome, building your own MOcars, and much more.  These NFTs can also be used throughout all the games on the MOBOX platform.  Most importantly they can be used throughout the whole ecosystem at the same time, showing true NFT interoperability.


MOBOX Avatars represent who you are in the MOMOverse.  They are the walking and talking you.  You can explore, play mini-games, chat, and meet new friends throughout the MOMOverse.  We will be working towards adding more utility for the MOBOX Avatars, not just within the MOMOverse but also in the real world.

MOBOX Avatar that allows you to walk through MOMOverse. MOBOX avatars are now available on and Binance NFT.

6. Can we talk about the tokenomic model in MOBOX?

A very important aspect of MOBOX is that it is a fair launch platform that never went through an ICO or seed funding. To ensure that we keep the ownership as decentralized as possible, the majority of tokens distributed through the platform are owned by the community and its contributors.  Our goal is not to extract value from our users, but to give as much value as we can to the community and build something that they can enjoy now and in the future.  I think that this is also the distinction between Web 2.0 and the transition to Web 3.0 in that products are built together where value is given back to those who support the process.

We also ensure that the community is always in control with no pre-minting for the team.  The team only receives their portion of tokens when it is distributed to the community through the many systems on the platform including farming through games, NFT farming, providing liquidity and much more.  This ensures that the distribution ratio of tokens always stays in the hands of the community.

The MOBOX Ecosystem is made complete with a unique auto buyback and burns pool.  Continuing the vision of giving more value back to the community, 80% of all revenue received from the MOBOX ecosystem is automatically sent to a Smart Contract that calculates the average price of MBOX for the past 72 hours.  Whenever the price falls below this average, the Smart Contract is triggered and automatically purchases MBOX tokens from Pancake Swap, which are then burned.

The team also designs most of the systems to burn as many MBOX tokens as possible.  Aside from the auto buyback and burn pool, most MBOX tokens that are consumed throughout the games are also burned on a weekly basis.

To further accomplish a balanced and deflationary distribution of MBOX tokens, MOBOX also burns all tokens that have not been distributed or farmed at the end of each year.  As we just entered the first anniversary of the MOBOX ecosystem, more than 200,000,000 tokens were left undistributed.  Through an ULTIMATE BURN EVENT, we have invited everyone who owns a MOBOX NFT Avatar to join the MOMOverse and burn all of these tokens together through a month-long event!  Users also have a chance to earn MBOX tokens through this event just by burning as many MBOX tokens as they can!

7. Why did you decide to build on BNB Chain?

We actually had our Alpha test on the ETH blockchain when we first launched the MOBOX platform.  Once launched, the issues are quite apparent. From gas fees to transaction speeds, it was a hectic experience for our community.  We then went back to the drawing board to decide whether developing another blockchain would be a better solution.  The most important points that we had to tackle were gas fees, transaction speeds, ease of use, containing a mature DeFi ecosystem, and an easy process for us to migrate over to.  F

We had experience in building on TRON and EOS as well, but it was only the BNB chain that ticked all the boxes.

Given this, I think that there were benefits in choosing the BNB chain that we never foresaw.  This aspect was the BNB Chain team.  Although we are considered veterans in this industry, new projects struggle to gain support from the public blockchain that they build on.  And without this support, it makes it a lot tougher for developers to transition to the blockchain as it is quite new for most.  The support whether technical or marketing from the BNB Chain is not found anywhere else.  Remember, we’ve built on many blockchains, but only the BNB Chain team has provided the support that projects need to succeed.

I’ve said this many times in the past, but I truly thank the BNB Chain team for all they’ve done not just for us but for the industry as a whole. And no, they did not pay me for this haha.

8. And the final question; what does the future hold for MOBOX?

We are only at the very beginning of the MOBOX vision.  We are onboarding a lot of new game devs to build and integrate their great titles into the MOBOX ecosystem, building an innovative Decentralized Autonomous Guild protocol, and planning our MOBOX Chain to be built on top of BNB Chain, and much much more.

We are here to build the tools that are needed for a more advanced, fun, and exciting future. But most importantly, we want the future to not be controlled by us but rather a collective vision gathered through the thoughts and visions of the community.  That is why the slogan of our MOMOverse is “UNBOXING INFINITE POSSIBILITIES”.  So the answer to your question doesn’t rely on me, but rather on all MBOX hodlers (MOBOXers).

So now my question is, MOBOXers what does the future hold for MOBOX?

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