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Bounties Available in BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon

2022.4.13  •  9 min read
Blog post image.

BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon, a 50-day event co-hosted by DoraHacks, is designed to bring the most creative and innovative builders together, tackle some of the industry's most significant challenges, and focus on creating products that push crypto adoption forward. This exciting campaign kicked off on March 21, 2022.

The Hackathon offers $10 million in prizes and seed funding for the best competing teams.

To learn more about the BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon, please visit: BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon

Apart from $10 million in prizes and seed funding, the sponsors from BNB Grant DAO, including BNB Chain, Ankr, NodeReal, etc., offer bounties to seek problem-solvers for necessary but not urgent issues while giving a generous prize in return. There is a total of $300,000 in prizes.

Bounty is an excellent way for a project to seek help from developers all over the world, and it’s a win-win situation since the solution provider would be rewarded with a generous prize and gain influence in the community.

Click here to claim bounties and here to see instructions on how you can do so. You can also continue to read and see what bounties the sponsors will offer.

Bounty 1: $30,000 Owner: NodeReal

Theme: Oracle Infrastructure
Type: Infra

For many protocols on BSC, accurate and trusted asset prices, known as oracles, are crucial. The diversity of oracles will definitely enhance the robustness and innovation of the ecosystem, as BNBChain is expanding to multi-chain architecture, a new Oracle infra should be introduced here to be easily deployed to the BAS and BPC in the future.

Level of Difficulty: Hard

Bounty 2: $10,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Theme: Decentralized Payroll Service
Type: Infra

If it is your responsibility to handle the employee’s payroll in your company, you probably have a lot of questions, including and especially about the right approach to payroll. Are you stuck on wondering whether decentralized payroll is better than centralized payroll? Now take action and demonstrate your great idea!

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 3: $20,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Theme: Login with BSC
Type: Infra

Traditional email/password registration processes or One-click social logins via Facebook, Google, or GitHub are gaining popularity since launch, but they come with data privacy trade-offs.

We are interested to see new login by the BSC wallet. For example, you can register an application using your BSC address, and log in with one-click, cryptographically-secure signature verification from your BSC wallet.

This kind of solution will dramatically improve the Web3 integration to Web2.

Level of Difficulty: Medium-hard

Bounty 4: $20,000 Owner: NodeReal

Theme: Account Abstraction on BSC
Type: Infra

Eip-4337 is a great proposal with big ambitions. Account Abstraction could open the door for creativity in wallet designs that could provide many important features, like Multisigs and social recovery. Account Abstraction is also a critical feature of mass adoption. We are looking for a pragmatic approach with fast implementation of EIP-4337.

Level of Difficulty: Medium-hard

Bounty 5: $30,000 Owner: Ankr

Theme: Staking App on BAS
Type: Infra

BSC Application Sidechain (BAS) is an infrastructure that helps developers to build large-scale BSC-based apps with higher throughput but much lower or even zero transaction fees. The default consensus engine of BAS is based on POS. The staking protocol is expected to be completed by the end of Mar. A fancy and user-friendly staking application will be the core infrastructure of the BAS ecosystem. The example will be like

Level of Difficulty: Hard

Bounty 6: $2,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Title: Dune Dashboard - DeFi performance dashboards
Type: DeFi

Tracking of Defi metrics (overall, category, and project level). Should include the following views:

1. Overall DeFi performance, including TVL, liquidity, capital efficiency, gas fee, $$ value, etc.

2. DEX Projects:

  • Liquidity
  • Capital efficiency
  • TVL
  • Trading Volume
  • Market Share of DEX’s (by volume)
  • Gas fee (average, total)

3. Lending Protocols:

  • TVL
  • Number of Suppliers
  • Number of Borrowers
  • Total Supply (Protocol level and Asset level) trend
  • Total Borrow (Protocol level and Asset level) trend
  • Utilization Rates (Protocol level and Asset level) trend
  • Gas fee (average, total)

4. Yield Protocols:

  • TVL
  • Gas fee (average, total)
  • Users

5. Stablecoins:

  • Top 10-20 Stablecoins TVL trend

6. Project-specific views for PancakeSwap, Venus

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 7: $1,500 Owner: BNB Chain

Title: Dune Dashboard - NFT performance dashboards
Type: NFT

Create a comprehensive dashboard that provides insights on sales and trading for NFT collections on BNB chain. This should include the following views:

  • Overall NFT ecosystem and performance, including trading volume, avg floor price, and other metrics
  • Deep dive into top collections, the category of collections, number of assets, buyers, sellers, trading volume, gas fee, etc
  • Project/collection specific views - dashboards for top 5 NFT projects on BNB chain with project-specific metrics

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 8: $1,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Title: Dune Dashboard - Bridging
Type: Infra

A comprehensive view of briding on/with BNB chain - including metrics (total and by bridge):

  1. Total Value Locked
  2. Marketshare
  3. Number of depositors
  4. Asset/token/$value distribution
  5. and others

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 9: $20,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Title: BNB Chain NFT Auditing Tool
Type: NFT

An auditing tool for verified BNB Chain NFT projects will also be used to provide education on information about a specific NFT and the collection it belongs to. Also, it will mint to find out if it's part of a real collection or fakeIt is vital that owners understand if their NFT metadata is mutable, what the creator fees are for resale, and whether the NFT is following the industry standards.

Level of Difficulty: Medium-hard

Bounty 10: $20,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Title: Metadata Standards for MetaFi
Type: NFT

Develop more sophisticated NFT metadata standards that can meet the complex needs of a MetaFi future that integrates user experiences and NFT utilities across metaverses, GameFi, DeFi, and SocialFi.

Level of Difficulty: Medium-hard

Bounty 11: $20,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Title: NFT Rarity & Properties Exploration Site
Type: NFT

Create a site that enables NFT traders to explore rarity, properties, and price before purchasing NFT (e.g., rarity. tools)

Level of Difficulty: Medium-hard

Bounty 12: $30,000 Owner: BNB Chain

Title: Easy (One-click) NFT creation & implementation
Type: NFT

Many web2 game studios may not be as familiar with implementing NFTs and blockchain elements into web2 games. Besides games, this could be the same for several creators out there. Create a tool that enables an easy way to create NFTs or implement NFTs in a game.

Level of Difficulty: Hard

Bounty 13: $13,000 Owner: HashKey Capital

Title: Personal Credit & Credit Loan Dapps
Type: DeFi

Introducing personal credit, including building a credit loan Dapp, into BSC

Level of Difficulty: Hard

Bounty 14: $25,000 Owner: Celer Network

Type: Various Types

Celer is a blockchain interoperability protocol enabling a one-click user experience accessing tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, privacy solutions, and more across multiple chains.
In this hackathon, we set up bounty $25,000 bounties in the following directions for teams building with Celer cBridge SDKs and Celer Inter-chain Message Framework SDKs.

The Prize of $25000 includes four sub-topics

1. Cross-chain Governance: $4,000(GOLD Prize, must have a working demo utilizing Celer SDK), $1,000(SILVER), $625*2(BRONZE)

2. Cross-chain DeFi: $4,000(GOLD Prize), $1,000(SILVER), $625*2(BRONZE)

3. Cross-chain NFT: $4,000(GOLD Prize), $1,000(SILVER), $625*2(BRONZE)

4. Wildcard: $4,000(GOLD Prize), $1,000(SILVER), $625*2(BRONZE)

For more requirements and prize details:

Level of Difficulty: Hard

Bounty 15: $15,000 Owner: Venus

Title: DEX Integration
Type: DeFi

Lending, borrowing, and trading are the three core features of any financial system. Venus offers the first two, but external protocols are required to enable trading. Integrate Venus’ borrowing and lending capabilities with a BNB Chain DEX (Decentralized Exchange) protocol to enable more financial use cases.

Level of Difficulty: Medium - Medium Hard

Bounty 16: $15,000 Owner: Venus

Title: Venus
Type: DeFi

Storing user funds in custom vaults allows a protocol to offer more use cases for stored funds rather than requiring the user to manually initiate all possible actions involving their funds.

Create a feature that utilizes funds stored in customized account vaults according to the user’s specifications.

Level of Difficulty: Medium - Medium Hard

Bounty 17: $4,000 Owner: ApeSwap

Title: BANANA Burn Mechanics
Type: DeFi

Burn mechanics help ApeSwap maintain a healthy ecosystem by controlling the inflation of the BANANA token. To participate in this bounty, you’ll need to add a BANANA burn mechanic to an existing Dapp or create a new Dapp that assists in the process of burning BANANA.

Burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

(1st prize: $3,000; 2nd prize: $1,000)

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 18: $4,000 Owner: ApeSwap

Title: Non Fungible Apes Implementation
Type: NFT

Non-Fungible Apes (NFA) is ApeSwap's first NFT collection. The task involves Integrating ApeSwap’s NFAs into an existing Dapp or creating a new Dapp that utilizes the NFAs.

(1st prize: $3,000; 2nd prize: $1,000)

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 19: $4,000 Owner: ApeSwap

Title: Yield Farming Abstraction
Type: DeFi

Yield farming is a powerful opportunity, but a challenging one for the average mainstream user to capitalize on due to the complexities and learning curve. To make it easier for users to engage, we are looking for creative solutions for abstracting the complexities of yield farming from ApeSwap.

(1st prize: $3,000; 2nd prize: $1,000)

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 20: $4,000 Owner: ApeSwap

Title: Social & Referral System
Type: DeFi

Creating a social community-driven product and environment is crucial to how ApeSwap operates. In an attempt to further the shareability of ApeSwap's platform, we are putting a bounty on innovative mechanisms to increase the likelihood of users sharing and referencing other users to utilize ApeSwap.

(1st prize: $3,000; 2nd prize: $1,000)

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 21: $3,000 Owner: Deri Protocol

Title: Build an extremely simplified trading interface

Type: DeFi

This bounty program is to create an extremely simplified trading interface for some or all of the derivatives on Deri Protocol. Ideally, the interface should only have buy/long and sell/short buttons, and users can place orders with just simple clicks. The interface should be easy to understand and operate for those not quite financially savvy.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 22: $12,500 Owner: PancakeSwap

Title: Community IFO Auction
Type: DeFi

Develop a system similar to PancakeSwap Farm Auction where users and project owners can propose fresh new tokens to be launched on the PancakeSwap IFO platform.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 23: $12,500 Owner: PancakeSwap

Title: NFT Marketplace Improvements
Type: NFT

Improve existing PancakeSwap NFT marketplace.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 24: $3,000 Owner: WOO

Title: WOOFi integration with Paraswap
Type: DeFi

WOOFi is a decentralized exchange that provides CeFi level trading execution on BNB Chain, and it has the lowest swap fee with only 0.025% on transactions. Paraswap is one of the leading Dex aggregators and they recently release DexLib which is a library used by ParaSwap backend to integrate with decentralized exchanges. This library enables external DEX developers to integrate their DEX with ParaSwap by creating pull requests to this repository.

To participate in this bounty, you will need to contribute the code of integrating WOOFi as a liquidity source of Paraswap according to the DexLib standard.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 25: $10,000 Owner: Venus

Title: Automatic Portfolio Rebalancer
Type: DeFi

Investors lend and borrow specific assets based on their market expectations. However, these expectations change over time, and investments must be adjusted for these changes.

Create an automated (incentivized) system that rebalances an account’s investments based on more general investment preferences.


Underlying adjustment: Allow lenders to select a list of available assets and certain criteria defining their investment. If the selected criteria of their currently lent assets changes, automatically swap the asset for another asset at the current market rate.

Create an incentive system to allow the general market to choose to rebalance certain portfolios and receive a reward

Wildcard: give investors the ability to select investment criteria, and incentivize the public to manage the investment for a reward.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 26: $15,000 Owner: Venus

Title: Structured Products & Fixed Rates
Type: DeFi

Some investors want a fixed return, even if it is low, while others are willing to risk zero or negative returns in exchange for the possibility of much higher positive returns.

Create a structured product that separates vToken returns into a low, fixed-rate low-risk category and a potentially higher, variable rate high-risk category.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 27: $2,000 Owner: Venus

Title: Portfolio Simulator
Type: DeFi

For portfolios with more than a few assets, it can be difficult to anticipate how changes to investment allocations can affect expected returns, especially with leveraged positions.

Create an interface-only (React.js based) simulator that accepts hypothetical investment positions on Venus and displays the expected yield and payments based on current interest rates and rewards offered.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Bounty 28: $60,000 Owner: KardiaChain

Title: Dual Node cross-chain and multichain support
Type: Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT

KardiaChain is the world’s first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform. Our Dual Node technology allows cross-chain communications between any public and/or private blockchain without requiring them to make any changes. Thanks to unique cross-chain technology, users in the KAI ecosystem not only transfer assets but also data - not many blockchain networks can achieve this.

If developers build applications on the KAI network, it's a piece of cake to deploy on all the other chains. Once familiar with KSML and start building on KAI, it saves developers time and effort of having to learn multiple coding languages, since KAI is already connected to major chains namely ETH, BNB.

In this hackathon, we’ve set up a total of $60k  for 3 winning projects (each is granted $20k respectively) The Prize of $60,000 includes 3 topics:

Metaverse: The Metaverse track includes specific topics such as decentralized identity, productive tooling, cross-chain transfer of NFT/FT assets, and SocialFi in Metaverse involving high-quality, on-chain content sharing.

GameFi: This includes any and all kinds of GameFi projects.

Financial NFT: The use of NFT specialties to generate more flexible financial products.

Condition: Must meet 2/3 criteria as below:

- Multichain on both BNB and Kardiachain

- Cross-chain between BNB and Kardiachain

- DApp tooling/utilities for multichain assets management on BNB and Kardiachain

Level of Difficulty: Medium

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