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Binance Awards 2021- BSC Project of the Year

2021.7.14  •  3 min read
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On Wednesday, July 14, revealed their 2021 Binance Awards winners live during the “Build to the Moon” concert experience. This year, we decided to search the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to find the best projects in 6 different categories – BSC-compatible wallets, DeFi, NFT marketplaces, Infrastructure, Security, and Gaming & Collectibles.

Please join us in celebrating the Binance Smart Chain Project of the Year. Officially launched in September 2020, Binance Smart Chain is a new decentralized community-driven blockchain that aims to create an infrastructure for the future of finance and blockchain. This award recognizes some of the best performing Binance Smart Chain projects of 2021.

The nominees included projects launched on BSC after its mainnet launch on September 1, 2020. We included success factors like the stability and activeness of the user base,  market influence and gained traction and the value of attracted investments. All nominees and winning projects are community-driven and independent of

We strive to select an outstanding project for each BSC track, including DEFI, NFT, Collectible & Gaming, infra, and security partners. Our selection criteria include but are not limited to the following points.

See the breakdown by success factor:

  • Active participants and builders of BSC, including user base, wallets, network activity, and transaction volume
  • Market influence and gained traction; scalability and usability of the project
  • Innovative product design and sustainability; Linkage and integration with BSC and the Binance ecosystem

BSC Wallet of the Year WINNER

Congratulations to Trust Wallet for winning the BSC Wallet of the Year award.

Trust Wallet is one of the most popular and most frequently downloaded cryptocurrency wallets globally, with support for the majority of popular tokens and cross-chain support for ERC-20, BEP20, and more. Trust Wallet also comes with a built-in buy & sell crypto functionality, allows you to store and view NFTs, and a dApp Browser that lets you explore everything the BSC ecosystem has to offer.

BSC DeFi Project of the Year WINNER

Congratulations to PancakeSwap for winning the BSC DeFi Project of the Year award.

PancakeSwap is by far the most popular DeFi project on the BSC ecosystem and also the biggest DeFi project across all blockchains. The broad offering of products on the PancakeSwap dApp includes yield farms, pools, predictions (beta), lotteries, collectibles, team battles, and more. In less than a year, PancakeSwap has dominated the DeFi industry with more than 12 million active users, a TVL of over $2.4 billion, and an average 24h volume of over $320 million.  

BSC NFT Marketplace of the Year WINNER

Congratulations to BakerySwap for winning the BSC NFT Marketplace of the Year award.

BakerySwap is the most popular NFT Marketplace on BSC based on social proof and user base. With close to 340k Twitter followers, 203k minted NFTs in over 640k transactions, and a TVL of $245 million, BakerySwap ranks as one of the top projects across multiple categories. Their platform combines an NFT marketplace with DeFi functionalities in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

BSC Infrastructure Project of the Year WINNER

Congratulations to BscScan for winning the BSC Infrastructure Project of the Year award.

BscScan is the most popular blockchain explorer for Binance Smart Chain, created by the team behind the famous Etherscan. BscScan is an essential tool for individuals and businesses within the BSC ecosystem, providing direct access to blockchain data such as transactions, blocks, top wallets, and other interesting charts and statistics.

BSC Security Project of the Year WINNER

Congratulations to CertiK for winning the BSC Security Project of the Year award.

CertiK helps projects building on BSC achieve better security and protect their users and funds. CertiK roots out vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors through their auditing process, helping affected projects minimize their security risks. CertiK’s Security Leaderboard also provides the BSC community with insights into security ratings and potential threats of hundreds of projects.

BSC Collectible & Gaming Project of the Year WINNER

Congratulations to BunnyPark for winning the BSC Collectible & Gaming Project of the Year award.

BunnyPark is the youngest project of all the winners and a significant player within the Collectible & Gaming dApp market on BSC and the MVB II program (one of the most important BSC accelerator programs). Bunnypark offers users original NFT collectibles, DeFi functionalities, and gaming—empowering players to have fun while simultaneously earning tokens. Bunny Park collectibles were also recently listed on Binance NFT Marketplace as part of a collection titled ‘Big Bang for NFT,’ a series of exclusive Mystery Box collections with 10000+ NFT collectibles that sold out within 3 hours.

We want to congratulate all the winners, and we're looking forward to seeing their future progress!