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Layer 2

An optimized scaling solution that delivers lower fees and higher throughput to unlock the full potential of the BNB Smart Chain.

What is a Layer 2
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What is Layer 1? The Foundation

BNB Smart Chain (BSC) is the layer 1 chain. It’s the base architecture hosting the decentralized network — layer 1 chain functions as the ultimate settlement layer where transactions are finalized through consensus mechanisms.

Layer 1 network is powered by its native token (BNB), essential for accessing network services such as executing transactions, minting new tokens, interacting with smart contracts, etc.

What is Layer 2? Building Upwards

Layer 2 networks are solutions designed to enhance the capabilities of L1 networks. These L2 networks are built atop the settlement blockchain to address specific challenges, such as improving transaction speeds, reducing costs, and expanding programmability features.

At the core of layer 2 networks are specialized scaling solutions that facilitate the seamless mapping of transactions back to the primary layer 1 blockchain. By inheriting the security protocols from BSC, L2 technologies ensure that transactions remain secure and verifiable, thus extending the blockchain's utility and efficiency without compromising security.

How Does Layer 2 Work?

The opBNB, COMBO, and Xterio networks are based on a Layer 2 scaling solution for the BNB Smart Chain powered by Optimism OP Stack.

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Advantages of BNB Chain Layer 2

High Performance

Data Availability


Community Engagement

Cost Efficiency

Leverage Active BNB User base


Integration with BNB Ecosystem


How to Get Onto Layer 2

There are two primary ways to get your assets onto a layer 2 chain: bridge funds from BNB Smart Chain via a bridge (or smart contract) or withdraw your funds on an exchange directly onto the layer 2 network.

Funds in your wallet?

If you've already got your BNB in your wallet, you'll need to use a bridge to move it from the BNB Smart Chain Mainnet to a layer 2 chain.

opBNB bridgecombo bridgexterio bridge

Funds on an exchange?

Some centralized exchanges now offer direct withdrawals and deposits to layer 2s.

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You'll also need a wallet to withdraw your funds. Find a wallet here.

Build Your Own Layer 2 on BNB Chain

Find a RaaS provider and build your own customized Layer 2 Blockchain with fully EVM-compatible and product-grade Rollups on the BNB Chain.



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