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Open Registration for BUIDL Reward Program

2020.10.15  •  2 min read
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Binance Smart Chain BUIDL Reward Program

To further encourage the development of the dApp ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain, has announced a new Binance Smart Chain BUIDL Reward Program. This reward program is part of the $100 million DeFi accelerator fund: up to $5 million worth of BNB will be paid back to developers in proportion to the gas used for their contracts.

How to Participate

  1. Deploy your own smart contract on Binance Smart Chain
  2. Call “registerContract” function from the deployer address

You can use Metamask or other wallets

The creator of the contract should specify the contract address and the address to receive reward. The address to receive reward must be an EOA address. You should also provide a valid Website URL/Platform URL.

Of course the contract creator can update the reward address by calling this method again, and it will not affect the reward calculation.

The reward calculation will start immediately if the registration is valid

3. Verify the Contract Registration
The purpose of this method is to provide an interface for contract creators to confirm that their registry information is right. But the reward calculation does not depend on this, it will start since the registry height if the registry information is correct.

Contract creators can query the checked registry information (latest reward address and registry height) via bscscan:

If you can see the contract output with the correct reward address, then it means the registration has succeeded; otherwise, it means the registration fails.

  1. Accumulate rewards immediately

The reward calculation will start immediately if your registration is valid.

Monthly Reward Distribution

If the check is passed, the contract will be recorded for rewards, which will be sent to the registered reward address within 15 days after the calendar month ends. As long as the accumulated reward for that contract is above 2 BNB. Details will be published in follow-up blogs.

What’s next

A developer leaderboard will be available soon.

Resource reserves the right to make adjustments to any or all of the terms and conditions above.

Welcome to Binance Smart Chain! Happy coding and enjoy your rewards!