Application Period: Jan 18 - Mar 5, 2024

BNB Chain Hackathon

Building Smart and Fully-On-Chain Applications

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bnb chain hackathon

Unlock the full potential of your BNB Chain project idea! Prepare for unparalleled rewards that reflect your dedication and groundbreaking innovation.

Share the excitement about the upcoming hackathon and inspire others to hack away their creativity! #BNBChainHackathon


Jan 18 - Mar 5, 2024


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Feb 1 - Feb 8, 2024


Equip yourself with knowledge through our insightful workshops.

Jan 18 - Mar 5, 2024


Build your dApp!

Feb 8 - Mar 5, 2024


Show us what you've built and submit your project!

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Mar 20, 2024

Winner Announcement

Mar 26, 2024

Winner Online Demo day

Showcase your work to an audience online.

Mar 20 - Apr 20, 2024

Incubation period

Support and resources to enhance your project.


AI Track

AI Generative Content Ledger


Empowering opBNB with Advanced Analytics Support


opBNB On-Chain Game


Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks with BNB Chain


Decentralized Social Network


Decentralized Science


Total Prizes



BNB Chain main challenge track pool

$60,000 in total prizes for the top contenders.


Exclusive kickstart packages

Winners will receive packages valued at $50,000 each, providing essential development services and tools.


Additional rewards from the sponsor’s challenge track

Compete for an extra prize pool of up to $130,000.

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Reward Setting

First Prize

First Prize


Second Prize

Second Prize


Third Prize

Third Prize


All qualifying submissions distribution


The event organizer, in its sole discretion, may award an additional reward of up to $2,000 USD per project based on the quality of the project. Up to a maximum of $70,000 USD of additional rewards will be awarded.

Other tracks will receive rewards set by sponsors.

Support and Opportunities Beyond the Hackathon

Support & Assistance

Our specialized team is ready to assist you with all technical details, guaranteeing a smooth deployment and successful project launch.


Direct Interview Opportunity

All winners will have the unique opportunity for a direct interview with MVB.

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What is the BNB Chain Hackathon

What is the BNB Chain Hackathon

Get ready for an exciting online hackathon that opens the doors to explore the boundless potential of blockchain technology. We're excited to present opBNB, BNB Smart Chain, and BNB Greenfield—three avant-garde blockchain platforms that usher in a new era of possibilities for developers and entrepreneurs.

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Submission Requirements

Your work must be deployed on or linked to BNB Greenfield, opBNB, or BSC.

All submissions must be open-source and freely accessible.

Share your work through GitHub, planning documents, and a brief video.

The contract addresses should record at least two successful transactions during the hackathon.

Projects must be newly developed for this hackathon to guarantee fairness.

Participants are required to tweet about their project using #BuildonBNBChain and tag the relevant challenge they are entering.




Dora Factory

Dora Factory

DEGO Finance

DEGO Finance








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  • The maximum prize pool for this hackathon is $100,000 USD and consists of: $15,000 USD for first prize; $10,000 USD for second prize; $5,000 USD for third prize; and up to $70,000 in additional rewards.
  • Additional rewards will be awarded at the sole discretion of the event organizer based on the quality of the projects produced.