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Empowering the Wonder Women of Web3

Experience the power of community and mentorship

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Ladies Speak!

Role models matter!

Experience the power of mentorship and support with BNB Chain Web3WonderWomen, a mentorship program aimed at empowering women and LGBTQIA+ individuals who identify as women.

This program connects you with accomplished female builders, investors, and community leaders who are making a success of the opportunitiesWeb3 provides.

Learn from their journeys, make a lasting impact in your community, and become a role model yourself.

How It Works



If you are selected for the Mentorship program, you will have one 1-1 structured, online meeting with your Mentor.



This Mentorship program is free for participants.



You will be required to prepare your questions, the challenges you face, and supporting materials in advance, so that the Mentorship session is as effective as possible. BNB Chain will provide a structured template for you to best prepare for the session.


During the session

A BNB Chain team member will shadow the Mentorship session to help facilitate the Mentorship.


Post-Mentorship session

Should there be a fit, both you and the Mentor are welcome to continue the Mentorship relationship in your own time.

Find Yourself a Seat Here For The First Mentorship Program Run


If you're still in school and exploring blockchain and Web3, have recently graduated from college and are looking for a job, or only have a few years of job experience, the Mentorship: Learners program is for you.

Shield illustration with a W and BNB Chain logo.Apply for Learners Mentorship


If you're a founder or a C-suite executive in a Web3 project or company, the Mentorship: Founders program is for you.

Shield illustration with a W and BNB Chain logo.Apply for Founders Mentorship

If you're selected, you'll hear back from us! If not, we welcome you to join the BNB Chain community online on Discord, Telegram, and/or Twitter, regardless of whether you were selected. We will have more Mentors and Mentorship sessions in the future too, so keep an eye out!


Web3WonderWomen Mentorship: Founders Edition #1

Photo of event mentor.

Kirthiga Reddy


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Web3WonderWomen Mentorship: Learners Edition #1

Photo of event mentor.

Jenny Nguyen

Kyros Ventures

Photo of event mentor.

Mary Tran

Orochi Network

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