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BNB Chain Builder Grant

Empowering developers for the creation of public goods

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower developers engaged in open source initiatives to benefit the BNB Chain developer community.

We do this by providing funding and access to BNB ecosystem developers. We enable grantees to make valuable contributions to the long-term utility of the BNB Chain as recognized builders.

Apply for Funding

Contribute your open source initiatives. Become a recognized builder on the BNB Chain.

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Who Should Apply?

We support free and open source projects who want to make an impact on the BNB Chain ecosystem and to its community.

Open Source Frameworks

Free Developer Tooling

BNB Chain Compatibility Modules

Other Developer Tooling and Infrastructure

Most Demanding and Innovative Ideas

Looking to embark on your next groundbreaking project? Look no further! We present you with an array of inspiring ideas crucial for propelling the growth of the dynamic BNB Chain ecosystem.

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How Does the Grant Work?

We award dozens of grants each quarter for the creation of public goods.

Gift boxes.


Projects applying must be not-for-profit.

Grant Size

Grant size will be determined based on application quality and feasibility of development plans to provide long-term utility to the BNB Chain ecosystem.


The value of grants vary, payments will be disbursed based on achieving agreed-upon milestones.

How to Apply for Builder Grant

Step 1


Projects and teams must submit an application to initiate the evaluation process.

Apply Now

Step 2


Upon completion of the application, an assessment process takes place where we will do our due diligence in evaluating your project.

Step 3


Applications that have been accepted will be notified via email with further information.


  • Participation in the BNB Chain Builder Grant is completely optional. Independent third-party projects that are found eligible to benefit from the BNB Chain Builder Grant program may be required to agree to additional terms and conditions.
  • We do not and cannot control activity and data on the BNB Chain or the activities that community participants or projects may develop using BNB Chain, which is a public, decentralized and permissionless blockchain.
  • Participation or selection in any BNB Chain Builder Grant by any third-party project should not be construed as a recommendation, vetting, or endorsement of such third-party projects by BNB Chain, or any other affiliated entity.
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