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Binance Smart Chain Testnet Lagrange Upgrade Announcement

2021.1.19  •  3 min read
Blog post image.

Binance Smart Chain Chapel Testnet is expected to have a scheduled hard fork upgrade at block height 5,582,500. Based on the current block generation speed, it is forecasted to be around 2021/01/21 at 7:00 AM (UTC). The full node runners on testnet are expected to switch their software version to  v1.0.5 by 2021/01/21.

1. Background Story

1.1 Who is Joseph-Louis Lagrange?

This upgrade is named after Joseph-Louis Lagrange in honor of his key significant contributions to the fields of analysis, number theory, and both classical and celestial mechanics. Several concepts from mathematics and physics are named after him.

1.2 What is a hardfork upgrade?

A hardfork is an upgrade that is not compatible with the previous release because some breaking changes are introduced in the latest release. A hardfork in Binance Smart Chain requires +1/2 validators to successfully upgrade to keep making blocks. If the existing full nodes in the network do not upgrade, they will not be able to receive and execute further blocks normally after the hardfork block height.

1.3 What happens during a network upgrade?

Logic changes will occur at block height  5,582,500 for this upgrade. After the activation of the upgrade, the blockchain is able to handle a series of new features and bug fixes.

2. How does this upgrade affect me?

2.1 As a fullnode operator, what do I have to do?

This release is breaking and you need to switch to v1.0.5. Upgrade instructions are (all the below should be done before the hardfork block height):

  1. If your node is already synced with the network, please download and compile the latest version
  2. Stop the geth process and restart it with v1.0.5.
geth --config ./config.toml --datadir ./node --pprofaddr --metrics --pprof

2.4 What will happen if I forget to upgrade my fullnode in time?

If you cannot upgrade your software, you cannot sync with the upgraded Binance Smart Chain peer/validator nodes. You will not be able to connect or send transactions.

How to recover?

  1. Download and compile the latest version  v1.0.5.
  2. Stop geth process and restart it with v1.0.5.

2.3 As a developer, what do I have to do?

There are no changes to the EVM module. You do not need to do anything. Binance Smart Chain v1.0.5 includes all the security patches from go-ethereum

3. Upcoming Changes

3.1 What will be changed with the blockchain feature?

3.1.1 New Features

  • Introducing BEP84  to enable a simplified token binding process

BEP84 proposes two new permissionless methods that will be imported into `TokenManager` contract

Mirror: If a BEP20 contract is not bound to any BEP2 token, anyone can call the `mirror` method to automatically issue a BEP2 token and bind them.

Sync: For a BEP20 token that has been mirrored to BC, anyone can call the `sync` method to balance the total supply on BC and BSC.   You can see the implementation in this PR

  • Introducing BEP86 to introduce an updated reward mechanism to balance the gain and risk for BSC relayer operators.

This updated reward mechanism is designed to attract more bsc-relayers to engage in and improve the cross chain communication robustness between BC and BSC. You can see the implementation in this PR

  • Introducing BEP89 to enable the chain to display the whole view of validators that on different upcoming forks. You can see the implementation in this PR

3.1.2 Improvements

  • Cross-chain Transfer Improvements

Some modifications and edge cases get addressed to enable a faster and less error-prone process.

3.1.3 Security

  • Binance Smart Chain v1.0.5 includes all the security patches from go-ethereum.  You can see the details in this PR
  • Binance Smart Chain v1.0.5 also includes a fix for GetProofsV2 that could potentially cause a panic. You can see the details in this PR

3.1.4 BugFix

  • The new release fixed potential deadlock of pub/sub modules.  You can see the details in this PR

3.2 What will be changed with BSC Relayer?

BSC Relayer v1.1.0 includes the following improvements:

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