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Layer de governança e staking do ecossistema da BNB Chain

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Fale conoscoComece a Construir
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BNB Smart Chain

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An EVM-compatible blockchain powering DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, Metaverse, and more Web3 projects since 2020.


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What Makes BNB Smart Chain so Powerful?

Developer Friendly

EVM-compatible Layer 1 with compatible tooling for up to 35x capacity.

High Performance

Supports popular programming languages: Solidity, GO, Java, Swift; with a short block time and high block gas limit.


More validator sets with BEP-13, enabling a more stable and decentralized validator network.


Temporary validators with BEP-127, allowing high capacity and less congestion.

Developer Programs

Developer Programs offer you the support and resources needed to take your project to the next level. Our programs include grants, incentives, non-financial support, and more.

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Thousands of dApps Already Deployed on BNB Chain

The BNB Chain ecosystem is growing, with millions of daily active users

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BNB Smart Chain aims to provide help and support to projects looking to expand beyond their existing blockchain and build on BNB Smart Chain.

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Developer Resources

Start building on BNB Smart Chain today.


Your guide to BNB Smart Chain


Explore the BSC tech repository

Dev Tools

Find the right developer tools for you project


Pilot tokens on BNB Smart Chain


A block explorer and analytics platform


A mobile-friendly BSC explorer


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Looking for grants, partnership, or technical support? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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