BNB Chain Debate Competition

2022.12.20  •  2 min read
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Web3 projects battle for your vote in BNB Chain's first Debate Competition! ⚔️

But your vote isn't just for show - pick the winning team and you stand a chance to share the $9K prize pool. Kicking off on January 5th at 10AM UTC, the Debate Competition invites projects to represent different themes - DeFi: Stader, GameFi: Era7, and SocialFi: Yuliverse.

Debate topic: Which Fi do you think will be the hottest trend in 2023?

How to watch: Click here for the Binance Live stream, and here for the simulcast on YouTube.

We'll be announcing further details on how to vote via DappBay in the coming days. In the meantime, read ahead to learn how to mint your Voting NFT!

BNB Chain Debate Competition: Claiming a Voting NFT

Starting December 21st at 12 PM UTC, head over to Galxe and follow the instructions to mint a Voting NFT. Simply connect your Twitter to Galxe, follow BNB Chain and members of our amazing panel. After that, you'll be locked and loaded to vote on the winner and potentially get a share of the prize pool! 🏆

Prize Pool: Raffle for 100 BUSD

After voting is complete, all those who voted for the winning team will be entered into a raffle. 90 winners will be selected and each will receive 100 BUSD. Prizes will be distributed to raffle winners within two weeks of the debate's conclusion.

Our Competitors: Who's taking the debate crown?

DeFi - Stader Labs

Stader Labs is a liquid staking infrastructure provider, we believe in making staking safe and convenient for everyone while furthering decentralization for PoS blockchains. Currently live on 6 chains, with 70k+ stakers and $100M+ TVL.

GameFi - ERA7

ERA7 is an original Web3 card light competitive game that combines the features of NFT and Esportsfi. It has 7 major races, and thousands of card designs, totaling over 100,000 strategic combinations. In a fast-paced of 3 minutes a game, the original nine-grid board, competition through deep battle strategy, and the card trading method based on the Gamefi allow players to have fun!

SocialFi - Yuliverse

Yuliverse is the World’s very First Parallel Reality Gaming Metaverse on BNB chain, inspired by Pokemon Go & Tinder. Growing new and meaningful friendships at the same time earning in Yuliverse with ease, by just moving around in your neighborhood!

How to Vote: Upcoming Dappbay Access

In the next few days, BNB Chain will share a link on Twitter that'll take you to the voting portal on DappBay. Be on the lookout for that, and make sure to mint your Voting NFT starting December 21st! We'll be going live on January 5th to host the debate across multiple platforms, including our YouTube channel. 🔥

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