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BNB Chain Spotlight: RACA

2022.12.2  •  6 min read
Blog post image.

Enter the metaverse with RACA! We met up with one of the most intriguing Web3 communities on BNB Chain to discuss their project, roadmap, and exciting plans for the future. Read ahead to learn more.

Describe RACA for those unfamiliar with it. What's your vision and mission?

RACA (USM.WORLD) is a Web3 ecosystem initiated by the Maye Musk NFT community, Koda Dog, and co-founded by 'Unforgettable' rapper French Montana. Our mission is to build an ecosystem composed of a set of solutions such as decentralized identity solutions, blue chip PFP NFTs, and our digital world, the USM.World, among others. Therefore, we work on building tools that can enable users to use the full potential of Web3, the metaverse, and the new digital economy, all with the community in mind.

When was the idea behind RACA and what led to it?

The proposal to build our RACA ecosystem emerged in early 2021, the result of ​​several visionaries who envisioned how Web3, the metaverse, and this entire ecosystem of digital assets would transform society and the world we know. Since then, we have developed several solutions that have made RACA the largest metaverse and digital asset ecosystem on the BNB Chain and one of the largest in the entire crypto market.

Tell us about your team's background.

As we believe in the transformative potential of Web3, we have built a decentralized and global team made up of different personalities and skills. We have more than 200 employees around the world. The RACA3 development team comprises some of the world's best engineers and developers, with experience at some of the world's biggest companies. This brought RACA support from OKX and Taychon, Consensys' acceleration hub. In addition, our co-founder, French Montana, needs no introduction as one of the most successful musicians and entrepreneurs in the music business.

What are the main advantages of RACA for users, compared to a similar project from a mainstream financial market?

What sets RACA apart is our focus on developing solutions, updates, and functionality geared toward bringing out the full potential of Web3 and the community-focused metaverse. Proof of the success of this differential is precisely the support of our community, which already has more than 150,000 users on USM.World, making it the biggest metaverse of the BNB Chain. In addition, the RACA smart contract is one of the most used in the BNB Chain, proving that our solutions are designed and used by our community to experience the potential of the new digital economy on a daily basis.

What is the security strategy of your project?

Our strategy is always to think about how to enable the full potential of Web3, the metaverse, and decentralization for the community. This is what guides us. For that, we have partnered with other applications in DeFi, and SocialFi, among others. With this action, more than 40 projects already have an active headquarter on USM.World, allowing these communities to access the metaverse and all its possibilities. We also focus on Decentralized Identity (DID) solutions and have an essential partnership with Jaz DID, allowing our community to access this new interconnected digital world right now.

Let's say I want to start using RACA. Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

Starting to use all RACA solutions and developments is very easy and straightforward. Our metaverse, USM.World is open. Just have a decentralized credential like the metamask and access. You don't need to buy any NFT or have any 'special pass.' We are a decentralized ecosystem, accessible and made for the community. Our goal is to give access to the full potential of Web3. Hence, our ecosystem is free, open, and decentralized, following the philosophy that guided the creation of the entire crypto market.

To know how to connect with our community and learn about everything we've been doing daily, just follow our official social networks on Twitter, Telegram, Medium, or Discord, and follow our official website as well.

Why did you decide to migrate/build on the BNB Chain?

BNB Chain was born with the same purpose as RACA: to enable the full potential of the digital economy and the interconnected digital society for the community. That's why we develop all our solutions using the BNB Chain, a PoS network, and therefore eco-friendly, extremely fast, decentralized, free, and with low fees, thus allowing the community to navigate, build, develop and experience this new revolution. This is BNB Chain, and this is our goal, therefore, a perfect union to create a new digital society that is more egalitarian and in which the community can be free to explore its full potential.

What do you hope to see next from the BNB Chain community?

May it remain free, open, decentralized, and connected with other blockchain solutions so that we can build a genuinely free digital world in which the community can regain power over its data and over its digital life without being held hostage by four big techs that suck your data like a bloodthirsty vampire. We believe and work day by day to build a new, free digital world in which the community once again has the power of transformation in its hands.

Where do you see DeFi and BNB Chain in five years?

It is impossible to think of the future without the integration of DeFi and layer-one blockchain solutions throughout traditional society. This integration between the physical and digital world is already the motto of the present and will increasingly be the dynamic of the future. Proof of this is that governments worldwide are already structuring their economies in this integration. See El Salvador, Brazil, South Korea, the USA, and other nations around the world.

Where do you position your brand in the DeFi/NFT/GameFi / Metaverse space?

​​Today we are BNBChain's largest metaverse ecosystem. We want to expand our community further because today, our technology already supports more than 1 billion users connected at the same time. We recently performed a show with more than 10,000 users connected simultaneously without any problems being registered.

Please share with us your impression of BNB Chain.

BNB Chain is a leading layer one blockchain on the market. A carbon-free blockchain that uses the PoS validation model and has the lowest fees on the market. It has a simple, easy, and intuitive development kit that facilitates the work of developers and the entire ecosystem. We believe that BNB Chain is the best layer one solution on the market and that it follows the fundamental principles of the crypto industry: freedom, decentralization, and community. Principles that also guide all our development.

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Roadmaps and more information -

Finally, are you planning any upcoming events?

Yes, there are many events already planned. We are currently hosting a series of digital and physical events involving themes related to the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world. In addition, we already have several shows and presentations scheduled and numerous activities scheduled to take place in the different buildings at USM.World. Many new features will be announced soon involving both activities in the physical and virtual worlds. Stay tuned and join with us in this new revolution!

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