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BNB Chain’s European Innovation Incubator Unveils Winners

2022.12.15  •  7 min read
Blog post image.

The European Innovation Incubator, backed by 18 established partners, has reached a conclusion after receiving applications from all over the world.

The first program of its kind, a continent-wide campaign that drew in applications and held events in SEVEN key European cities, has been a resounding success for BNB Chain.

With more than 520 applications flooding in, 31 teams were eventually selected after three rounds of extensive review, and 8 winners identified after the Demo Day.. Exclusive VIP networking events were held in seven cities, allowing selected projects to benefit from exposure to industry leading expertise, local partners and prospective investors.

An Innovative Tour

BD Director Zoe Wei Welcomes Participants at the Lisbon Event

The innovation on show was a testament to an entire continent’s determination to build a decentralized future. With VIP events in Lisbon, Barcelona, London, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Milan it has been a long road laden with excitement. The BNB Chain team was especially encouraged by the ability of the applicants to sketch out a tangible growth plan.  

Once the 520 applications were whittled down to 31 participants, the selected teams embarked on a two-week curriculum whereby they benefited from tailored masterclasses offering guidance on how to refine and scale the exciting projects they were working on.

The program concluded with an exclusive demo day, where winners were chosen based on scores from Binance Labs, Binance Research, Polkastarter, Salus Security, Worldpay, MH Ventures and other partners.

A look back at the campaign Schedule

What quickly became apparent through the demo day was the ability of expert professionals with hugely impressive experience (ex-Universal music, ex-Google, ex-Facebook) to outline the potential impact of their products.

There were clear practical use cases stemming from experience working with AI Robotics (Mollia, founders are Pyschology and Mathematics PHDs), deploying scientific sourcing (Scisets, founders are Cambridge PHDs), and being comfortable with IP Management (IPxyz, founders are from Universal music).

Other important benefits that general users could see as a result of the aforementioned innovation revolve around the health industry. With hospital data application a clear focus for innovators, public health sectors could be set to benefit from refined data-privacy measures.

Web3 Incubation Winners Revealed

The projects crowned as winners of the European Innovation Incubator

The project coming in at first place was Wallchain – a team of veteran engineers on a mission to build a healthy, decentralized wealth-being for the web3 community by giving users cashback when they trade on exchanges. As winners, Wallchain collaborated with experts in the space who provided industry-leading support with Yurii Kyparus & Max Bevza, Co-Founders at Wallchain said:

“the BNB Chain support with partnerships & go-to-market strategy has built the foundation of WallChain for 10x growth.”

Cashmere Labs, an omnichain interoperability MEV Protected DEX Aggregator & Stableswap on LayerZero Labs, and Blockless, a Web3 developer solution that provides end-to-end solutions such as zkWASM prover as a service and smart contract owned, decentralized & dynamic web hosting, both secured the second place title.

OxFust, Tech Lead at Cashmere said: “We have learned about fundamental topics such as tokenomics, marketing, contract security and decentralization,” with Michael Chen, Co-Founder at Blockless adding, “it was very exciting to learn more about product and marketing strategies.”

Cora Protocol, Vyper Protocol, AltLayer, Realfevr, and all came in joint third place.

Building on Innovative Success

The success of this initiative has relied on giving an opportunity to gifted innovators. The response we have seen underlines how tangible the exciting future we are building actually is.

Zoe Wei, Senior Business Director at BNB Chain said: “The winning teams have demonstrated exceptional potential and we are excited to see what the future holds for them. Thanks to the sponsors, participants and partners of the program, the incubator was a resounding success and we are already looking forward to the next iteration of the program and the innovative projects that will come out of it.”

In truth BNB Chain is more confident than ever on the future of Web3 and its ability to change the world after extensively analyzing all of the projects selected during the European Innovation Incubator.

We also want to extent this opportunity to mention the other selected teams that are continuing to excel:


AltLayer is a system of highly scalable application-dedicated execution layers that derive security from an underlying L1/L2. It is designed as a modular and pluggable framework for a multi-chain and multi-VM world.


ASPIS is a solution for non-custodial collective asset management based on a set of smart contracts. Create an on-chain fund in 5 minutes and invest collectively in DeFi.

Bhavish Finance

Bhavish Finance is a next-generation prediction protocol that allows users to make capital-protected predictions. Users can predict on real-world events, crypto, stock, and commodity markets while protecting capital and earning yields using their automated vaults.


Blockless is a Web3 developer solution platform powered by a WASM-based customizable execution network. It provides end-to-end solutions such as zkWASM prover as a service and smart contract owned, decentralized & dynamic web hosting.


Bubblemaps aims to substitute traditional block explorers through cutting edge visuals, allowing users to easily analyze complex patterns and connections, bringing fundamental data to millions of DeFi users.


CARV is building a credential & data infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling gamers with seamless credential-based gaming experiences, and empowering games with intelligence.

Cashmere Labs

Cashmere is an omnichain interoperability MEV Protected DEX Aggregator & Stableswap on LayerZero Labs. Cashmere can swap any asset between any chain without bridging.

Cora Protocol

Cora is giving rise to decentralized lending without liquidations.

Farm XYZ

Farm XYZ brings DeFi investing to the novice crypto users by simplifying and automating all the complexity behind it.


Galeon is the first Healthcare Blockchain Ecosystem in Europe that connects hospitals through blockchain, making healthcare simple via its cutting-edge Blockchain Swarm Learning technology. Galeon trains medical AI algorithms in a decentralized manner.


Enables music creators to independently protect and manage their works across Web 2 & 3. Certifies IP ownership and authorizes secure license transactions. Gives easy access to new business opportunities, consolidates and manages data and proceeds in real time on bespoke public blockchain.

Lemonade Social

Lemonade is a no-code d-commerce platform for brands and creators to go web3 without friction. Own your data. Create Immersive events, NFT ticketing & utility, community rewards.


MetaSecureLabs is developing supportive frameworks to help the BNB Chain ecosystem build trustworthy & secure projects. They are trust minimized cross-chain infrastructure and AI/ML driven alerting framework, which help build web3 applications and protocols in a more transparent and secure manner.


Mechachain is a third-person shooter mobile game. Choose your team : Assimilees or Pure Genes, equip your mech, form a team of 6 and get ready to fight ! Our game will be available on iOS and Android in 2023.


Mollia is developing a revolutionary A.I. that enables robots to learn kinematic skills more intuitively. With this technology, we can crowdsource the kinematic training of humanoid robots through web3 video games. is an immersive cutting-edge MMORPG game that brings forgotten mythology from ancient Egypt to life.

Oasis GG

Oasis is building the technology to remove all barriers to entry to blockchain gaming.

We funnel new players, simplify the onboarding process, improve first-time user experience, and add NFT sharing features to the gaming ecosystem.

Port3 Network

Port3 is the bridge between Web2 and Web3. We are building a protocol to aggregate and standardize both off-chain and on-chain data to build a Social Data Layer that is universally accessible and powerful for Web3 use cases.


R-Planet is the first full-fledged strategy game on the market in which you can conveniently and effortlessly use NFTs to have different benefits and gain your aims.

R-Planet is a Play-for-Fun, Free-to-Play, and Play-and-Earn game.


RealFevr is a Portuguese web3 startup building an ambitious ecosystem around licensed sports digital collectibles and video games.


Decentralized scientific manuscripts and data sharing repository.


Crypto wallet for fast, safe, social crypto payments between friends and businesses.

Shorter Finance

Shorter Finance is the only protocol supporting up to 2,000+ altcoin single-sided farming and customized 10x leverage derivatives trading with its 100% logic running on blockchains.

Shprd. Finance connects crypto holders to professional traders via fully transparent and non-custodial strategies.


Sugarverse is revolutionizing the web3, mobile gaming industry with their self-sustaining P2E economy within the metaverse.

Trait Swap

Trait Swap is a dynamic NFTs infrastructure, allowing you to personalize your avatars with traits from high end brands, and a digital goods marketplace.


Vottun describes itself as the Wordpress of Web3.

Vyper Protocol

Vyper Protocol allows everyone to create on-chain derivatives in minutes. The infrastructure manages the creation, trading, and on-chain settlement of any type of derivative in a fully permissionless way.


Wallchain gives web3 users cashback when they trade on exchanges like Uniswap.

Warshmallows World

Warshmallows World is a hilariously fast-paced multiplayer shooting game, where you battle over the championship as sweet but dangerous marshmallows at war! This auto-battler will trigger your tactic and strategic thinking, as every choice will count.


Wombex is a BNB Chain native protocol for boosting yield for liquidity providers and concentrating governance power across Wombat Exchange.

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