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BUIDL Reward Program Updates - October Reward Recipients (2020/10/15~2020/10/31)

2020.11.10  •  1 min read
Blog post image.

Binance Smart Chain BUIDL Reward Program

To further encourage the development of the dApp ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain, has announced a new Binance Smart Chain BUIDL Reward Program. This reward program is part of the $100 million DeFi accelerator fund: up to $5 million worth of BNB will be paid back to developers in proportion to the gas used for their contracts.

Binance will reward qualified developers equivalent to 30% of gas paid by triggering the registered contracts.


October Reward Recipients

October rewards recipients should have received their rewards.

NO. Contract Address BNB Reward Rebate Address Rebate TxID
1 PancakeSwap: Router 426.52 0xfCA08Fd2057A995CD270f22076C902b5cd2b4237 tx
2 MasterChef Contract 247.21 0xfCA08Fd2057A995CD270f22076C902b5cd2b4237 tx
3 LotteryUpgradeProxy 215.59 0xfCA08Fd2057A995CD270f22076C902b5cd2b4237 tx
4 Thugs 58.16 0xA09FAA70b059884f8EE7Aa77529a327Df809fCD8 tx
5 Bank 29.4 0x00ad504D2C02E0DDbf660bc35926712d0F0feA9e tx
6 FriesToken 20.81 0xFF28aD6f46207E2ce01648791D3b5510DA3Cf338 tx
7 DeepFryer 14.74 0xFF28aD6f46207E2ce01648791D3b5510DA3Cf338 tx
8 CakeToken 10.02 0xfCA08Fd2057A995CD270f22076C902b5cd2b4237 tx
9 PancakeSwap SmartChef 8.32 0xfCA08Fd2057A995CD270f22076C902b5cd2b4237 tx
10 SuperChef 6.69 0x7323B13669028780c6450A620064E30654a5Be2c tx
11 PancakeSwap SmartChef 5.18 0xfCA08Fd2057A995CD270f22076C902b5cd2b4237 tx
12 PancakeSwap: SYRUP Token 5.13 0xfCA08Fd2057A995CD270f22076C902b5cd2b4237 tx
13 NyanswopRouter 4.43 0xba2733a33dD243e8E2Fc39466Cf471c0e5144A5C tx
14 BSCswapRouter 3.99 0xdC64a06fB6ff5AB58e824601F55F473cdDD0D1a0 tx
15 SmartGangster 2.94 0xA09FAA70b059884f8EE7Aa77529a327Df809fCD8 tx

Note: As users started registration only on Oct. 15, these rewards account for only half a month.

Developer Leaderboard

A developer leaderboard is  available at All participants can query their smart contract’s gas usage of November here. In a previous blog, developers can use GraphQL API of to query their real-time total gas fee. This table displays both the total amount of gas fees and gas fees for this month.