BNB Chain Technology Update for July 2022

2022.8.3  •  3 min read
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July was an exciting month for BNB Chain as we made further progress with the release of BSC v1.1.12, testing our BNB ZkRollup, working on our BNB Side Chain and the exciting BNB Beacon Chain Godel upgrade on Testnet.

Major Tech Updates for July

1. BSC Release v1.1.12 - A performance release that greatly slows down the storage growth and improves the syncing efficiency.

2. BNB ZkRolllup is under testing - A lot of refactoring and bug fixes for the initial release.

3. BNB Side Chain - POC of native asset bridge for BNB Side Chain.

4. BNB Beacon Chain Godel Upgrade on Testnet - Godel Upgrade will give Beacon Chain more computing power for future computing and governance focus by decommissioning the Dex.

1. BSC Release v1.1.12

Release v1.1.12 is a performance release. The following three features are introduced in this release.

1.1 Fast Node

Fast Node is a new syncing protocol to lower the hardware requirement and improve the syncing efficiency. This release introduces two types of nodes to make full use of different storage, one is called Fast Node, and the other is called Verify Node. The Fast Node will do block processing with a flattened key-value DB, it will do all verification against blocks except the state root. The Verify Node receives diffhash from the fast node and then responds to MPT root to assist with the state root verification. If you want to learn more about this feature, please refer to the docs.

It turns out that the fast node can slow down the storage growth by 60%~90% according to different settings and increase the syncing efficiency by about 30%. We encourage node operators who do not care about 100% state consistency to enable fast nodes by appending --tries-verify-mode none to the node command.

1.2 Pruning AncientDB at Runtime

A new flag is introduced to prune ancient undesired block data at runtime, it will discard block, receipt, header in the ancient DB to save space.

1.3 Merge Go-Ethereum V1.10.15

We upgrade the code base of Go-Ethereum from v1.10.3 to v1.10.15. A lot of new features, bug fixes, library upgrades, as well as some breaking changes from Go-Ethereum are merged to BSC v1.1.12.

To know more about BSC V1.1.12, please read the release note.

2. BNB ZkRolllup Phase1

BNB ZkRolllup is a trustless and scaling solution for BSC. BNB ZkRolllup is built on ZK-Rollup architecture. We have done a lot of testing and refactoring in the past month to approach a stable release. It is going to open source in August.

3. BNB Side Chain

The key parts of each BNB Side Chain are the native token circulation model and the cross-chain bridge for native assets. Native assets of the side chain are located in the side chain application and managed by the sidechain directly. BNB Side Chain is designed to provide cross-chain functionality for the native assets.

The developers from Ankr team finished the POC of the native bridge according to the BEP100.

To know more about the implementation details, please refer to the repo.

4. BNB Beacon Chain Godel Upgrade on Testnet

BNB Beacon Chain’s primary focus, its native decentralized application ("dApp") BNB DEX, has demonstrated its low-latency matching with large capacity headroom. With the development of BNB Smart Chain and AMM-based decentralized exchanges running well on it, BNB DEX has less usage and liquidity. After the Godel upgrade, the DEX module will be disabled, which will give Beacon Chain more computing power for future computing and governance focuses.

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