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opBNB: From Testnet to Mainnet

2023.8.2  •  6 min read
Blog post image.

After months of meticulous development and testing, opBNB is ready to soar to new heights, providing users with unprecedented speed, security, and scalability.

opBNB leverages the Optimism OP Stack Bedrock, an open-source modular optimistic rollup framework that can be modified to meet BSC ecosystem requirements. Whether it's for gaming, decentralized exchanges, everyday transactions, or digital collectibles, opBNB addresses a wide range of requirements while delivering exceptional performance.

This journey began on June 19, 2023, with the launch of its Testnet, and since then, 1.5 months have flown by in a whirlwind of progress! The BNB Chain community has tirelessly advanced the technology and nurtured the ecosystem leading up to this pivotal moment—the highly anticipated launch of the opBNB Mainnet.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, unlocking a world of endless possibilities in the mass adoption for the next 1 billion users. Read on to discover the milestones we covered on our path to the launch of opBNB Mainnet.

The Stepping Stone: Testnet Achievements

opBNB’s Testnet was rigorously evaluated and tested by the BNBChain Communities over the period of 1.5 months. During this test phase, the network processed more than ~7m on-chain transactions, welcomed community developers, and was connected to 435,972 unique wallet addresses (at the time of writing).

The opBNB network also received massive support from the broader ecosystem, with 40+ dApps deployed on our Testnet. Here are some highlights.

Outstanding Processing Performance

opBNB Testnet has achieved unparalleled innovation with lightning-fast block times of approximately 1 second, processing over 86,000 daily blocks and handling a remarkable daily transaction range of 100-150K. Supported by a thriving community of 6,000+ daily active users, the Testnet witnessed impressive daily deposits (~6k), withdrawals (~2k), and token transfers (~3k), facilitating seamless interactions. For more details, refer to the opBNB Explorer.

Notably, opBNB embraces a diverse array of tokens while maintaining BNB's popularity and accommodating several stablecoins like BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI, and BTCB, solidifying its status as a decentralized finance trailblazer.

Super Cheap Gas Cost

opBNB transaction costs are composed of two parts. One is the Layer 2 gas cost, and the other is the cost of Layer 1, which covers the cost of submitting batched transactions to the BNB Smart Chain (Layer 1). On testnet, the minimum gas price of Layer 2 is set to 0.2 gwei, which can reduce the transaction cost of opBNB to as low as $0.005 per transfer transaction. for more details, refer to opBNB Explorer and official documentation.

Security First of Testnet - Priority One

opBNB leverages the performance of blockchain technology while maintaining high levels of security. The protocol does not make any trust assumptions about the Sequencer which is responsible for block production on opBNB. All opBNB transaction data is submitted on BNB Smart Chain and verified by all full nodes. Even with a single sequencer in place now, concerns about potential censorship can be mitigated. Users have the option to utilize Deposit transactions, which guarantees their inclusion in the canonical L2 chain.

At present, opBNB does not have a fault-proof system. In the future, once fault proofs are finalized, a contract will be used to validate the accuracy of these challenges.

In addition, there is a multisig wallet that can be used to upgrade core opBNB smart contracts. The members of this multisig will be trusted community members to increase the difficulty of compromising.

The implementation of opBNB is based on the OP Stack, which is widely used by multiple L2 projects. The codebase has undergone multiple audits, and additional audits have been requested, especially for the differences between the opBNB and OP Stack codebases.

Despite the security measures and audits, we cannot guarantee that the codebase is entirely free of bugs. There may still be unknown bugs that could lead to the loss of some or all of the assets held within the system. The ongoing surveillance of the entire opBNB system, particularly its assets, will be a collective effort, driven by active community participation, to enhance its security.

Comprehensive Infrastructure and dApps Builders

In order to provide its developer community with enhanced tools and infrastructure, opBNB network got great support from leading infra and tooling partners. Following is the list of our tooling and infrastructure providers that are actively working on enhancing the developer experience using the opBNB network.

Partners Landscape

Supportive opBNB Developer Community

At its core, BNB Chain values its developer community the most, which is upheld by opBNB. To further strengthen the developer community and onboard more developers, the Hackvolution hackathon was launched on July 13, which saw the submission of 500+ projects on the opBNB Testnet at the time of writing this article.

These events were carefully crafted to serve two essential purposes: first, to foster the development of diverse solutions on opBNB, and second, to expose the participants to opBNB’s impressive tooling landscapes and our esteemed partners.

Besides these, we also conducted 8 AMAs and Twitter spaces with opBNB’s core team and contributors, facilitating development on opBNB.

Beginning of a New Era: Launch of the Mainnet

As opBNB is approaching the momentous launch of the Mainnet, our commitment to innovation and growth remains unwavering. There are several key steps to make the Mainnet fully ready.

Mainnet Timeline

The opBNB Mainnet is set to launch By mid-Aug 2023 and will be open to infrastructure providers first.

The Mainnet will be open for general access from the end of August or early September based on the Mainnet genesis criteria listed below.

Mainnet Genesis Criteria

At opBNB, the first and foremost priority is the scalability and security of our network above all else. before opening Mainnet during the Testnet phase, we’ve focused on the following key milestones that should be achieved:

As we approach Mainnet, we’ve defined a set of criteria that we need to complete in order to proceed with our launch:

  • High Availability(HA): In opBNB, the sequencer holds the sole responsibility for block production, which can create a single point of failure. This HA solution aims to ensure that even in cases where the sequencer is down, or data is corrupted, the network can swiftly be brought back into service.
  • Performance: We have accomplished a peak of 4K transactions per second (TPS) and are maintaining a stable 2.6K TPS. As part of our ongoing efforts, we are actively optimizing the block production process with the goal of achieving a consistent and stable 4K TPS.
  • Stress Testing: Stress testing campaign is planned to assess opBNB's performance, scalability, and robustness under heavy loads and adverse conditions.
  • Cheaper Gas Cost: An average of 0.2 gwei. We are also currently testing the opBNB infrastructure to ensure lower gas prices and fast finality (less than 1 sec).
  • Security: Auditing the opBNB infrastructure for increased security
  • Prioritizing high-quality developer experience
  • Partnerships with infrastructure providers, including data analytics, Oracle, etc.


OpBNB is a Layer 2 scaling solution for the BNB Smart Chain, constructed on the foundation of decentralized governance and driven by the aspirations of its community. This Provisional Governance Framework provides the structure for sustainable, adaptable, and democratic governance that's built to endure and evolve. For further details on the opBNB’s governance framework, explained in the BEP-1 proposal.

Building Ecosystem Together: opBNB Grants and Funding

To facilitate building the ecosystem, opBNB offers several grants, builder programs, and funding programs.

  • Builder Grant: Awarding grants to innovative projects building open-sourced infrastructure and developer tooling.
  • BNB Chain Kickstart: Essential tools and services provided by BNB Chain ecosystem partners aimed to help projects kick-start their building journey.
  • MVB Accelerator Program: accelerator program by Binance Labs and BNB Chain to incubate projects, helping them grow more organically through coaching, grants/investment, and network support.
  • Support from DappBay: you can use DappBay to screen Web3 projects and eliminate any risk involved.

The Road Ahead

After the launch of opBNB Mainnet, our primary focus is to ensure the network's resilience and decentralization through a series of key measures:

  • Fraud Proof: Fraud-proof systems are super critical to ensure the security and integrity of off-chain transactions. To enhance the overall efficiency of the fraud proof system of opBNB, multiple ideas are under research based on the OP Stack, including Improving the efficiency of fraud proof off-chain infrastructure, Optimizing the challenge timing window, and exploring alternative solutions like zk proofs.
  • Account Abstraction: We aim to implement account abstraction to enhance the network's flexibility and reduce complexity.
  • Data Availability to BNB Greenfield: Seamless integration with the BNB Greenfield ecosystem ensures data availability between the two networks, promoting cross-platform interactions and expanding the ecosystem.
  • Interoperability with BNB Greenfield: aim to strengthen the interoperability between opBNB and BNB Greenfield network to foster a collaborative environment for developers.
  • Decentralized Sequencer: We will implement a decentralized sequencer mechanism to facilitate fair and secure block production, reducing the chances of centralization and enhancing network resilience.

By prioritizing these objectives, we aim to build a robust, decentralized, and high-performance blockchain network with opBNB, fostering widespread adoption and driving innovation across various digital domains.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue building on the opBNB Testnet. We encourage ideas and projects from our developer community. Refer to the opBNB wishlist to know about the different solutions and categories you can contribute to.

Our goals for this period are to empower developers by providing a secure and reliable platform for deploying their dApps on opBNB. We offer fast technical support through Discord to ensure a smooth experience. Additionally, we will support and recognize the early dApps that launch on the opBNB Mainnet during this window.

Start building on opBNB today! Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community for the latest news and updates.

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