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BNB Chain生态系统的质押和治理层

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Migrating to BNB Chain

BNB Chain aims to provide help and support to projects looking to expand beyond their existing blockchain

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Why BNB Chain

A Thriving Community

215M in unique wallet addresses, 1.2M DAUs and 5.8B in TVL

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Developer Programs

Programs curated and designed for your growth in mind

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Holistic Ecosystem

A chain that is compatible, cost effective, reliable and secure

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Benefits of Building on BNB Chain for Developers

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A Smooth Transition

Read about projects that transited to BNB Chain successfully and reached new heights

Case study 1


Hyper casual entertainment network aimed at bringing Web2 users to Web3

DAU grew 30X in 2 weeks

Gained over 1 million on-chain users within a month

"BNB Chain has a mainstream-friendly product and tech compatibility which ensures the smooth integration of Web3 projects"

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Case study 2


Revolutionary DeFi technology empowering real-time frictionless, and continuous streams of payments

Chose BNB Chain for its large and active community, EVM compatibility, faster and seamless transactions

BNB Chain Success Stories

BNB Chain has supported the growth and development of some of the leading dApps in the world


An eSports Win-2-Earn trading card game

WAU grew 10X to 40K in 2 months

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Getting Started On Migration

Architectural Differences

Learn and understand the technical and structural differences of building on BNB Chain

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Developer Portal

Explore our developer manual and find the help you need to begin building on BNB Chain

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Exploring the BNB Chain Ecosystem

Find out more about our infrastructure, dApps and vast network of tools that help you start building on BNB Chain

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Build on BNB Chain

Work with us and bring your dApp to a whole new level.

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